Dear Parents,
27th November 2015
Advent: We are now moving into the season of Advent – the four weeks before Christmas. The television
adverts and shops make us all believe that Christmas has arrived already, however we know this is not so. We
have to prepare and get ourselves ready for the Celebration of Jesus’ birth. An Advent Calendar will go out
today to each child. Children can put this up next to their chocolate calendars and when they open a window
read what “good works” they can do that day. Each class will have their own advent wreath made by their
class teacher. The wreath is lit each morning during prayer. Please read with your child the colourful
Wednesday Word sheets which go out each week which will help them understand the significance of this
season. Thank you!
Class Mass: The Year 3 & 4 Class Mass will take place next Wednesday 2nd December at 9.00 am. Everyone
is welcome to attend.
Year 6 Class Assembly: This will take place next Thursday 3rd December at 9.00 am. Everyone is welcome
to attend.
EYFS Christmas Craft Day: This takes place next Tuesday 1st December for both Nursery and Reception
classes. Parents have received letters about this event.
Choir Rehearsal: The rehearsal for the concert at Audacious Church and Manchester City Stadium takes
place next Tuesday 2nd December. We will leave school at 9.00 am and return for lunchtime.
Christmas Disco: Our Christmas Disco takes place on Friday 11th December from 3.00 – 4.30 pm. Tickets are
priced at £3.50 each which includes a hot dog or veggie burger and drink. Tickets will go on sale from
Thursday 3rd December. Please send your money in an envelope with your child’s name and all tickets will be
given to the teacher on the day of the disco. The deadline for the purchase of a disco ticket is Thursday
10th December latest.
Mrs Hodgson Maternity Leave: We wish Mrs Hodgson best wishes as she leaves us today embarking on her
maternity leave. Details of the teachers taking over Mrs Hodgson’s post have been sent out to Year 4 parents.
Christmas Lunch: Our school Christmas dinner will be held on Wednesday 9th December. If your child is on
sandwiches and wishes to have a Christmas dinner for this day then please send in £2.20 in an envelope
clearly marked with your child’s name and class on the front no later than Monday 7th December. NO MONIES
Milk Letters: Milk letters have gone to children from Reception to Year 6 for the term January to March. If you
wish your child to receive milk for this term please return the slip with the correct money £7.95 by Friday 11th
Application for Reception: Applications for Reception places in September 2016 are to be made “on line” by
going to: www.bury.gov.uk/admissions. The deadline for all applications is 15th January 2016. If you are unable
to complete your form on line then please call into the office and Mrs Barber will print out a paper copy of the
form. Please read the St. Marie’s Admission Policy before completing (please see the school website). As with
the applications to High School, any applications received after 15th January 2016 will be seen as a “late
application” and will be dealt with after all the other applications.
Please turn over…
Scholastic Book Club: Each child has received a Christmas Scholastic Book Club newsletter. Anyone
wishing to order from this please completes the order form and return to school with correct money (or
cheques made payable to Scholastic Ltd) by Friday 4th December.
F. Robinson (Mrs)
Head Teacher
This week we congratulate the following children who have gained success:
Mahalaka Imran
Kamila Rozel
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Mohammed Talhah
Oliwia Markowska
Iqra Shah
Year 4
All of Year 4
Year 5
Lilia-Mae Liotti
Yaawar Hussain
Year 6
Roberto Tucci
Mrs Robinson
Hannah Duffell
For fantastic effort and behaviour this week in Nursery.
Well done Mahalaka!
For describing the 2D shapes using some fantastic
maths words. Good girl!
For ALWAYS being a superstar! A pleasure to teach!
For her wonderful maths work using computers!
For working hard to answer all questions during carpet
time. Well done!
For being an AMAZING class! I have really enjoyed
teaching you all again and keep up your hard work!
For really impressing me in her on line reading quiz
For impressing me with his sheer determination in
flutes and in his small group work
For a fantastic attitude in Fresh Start. Keep up this
determination Roberto!
For excellent maths work