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3. A ____________ is an oscillating wave that sloshes back and forth within an enclosed body of waters
such as a sea, bay, lake, or swimming pool.
A. sake
B. slashe
C. serape
D. seiche
E. seraglio
10. The style of thought known as __________ seeks to understand the natural laws and processes
active today, then uses this knowledge to read Earth's history recorded in rocks and fossils.
A. Calvinism
B. Catastrophism
C. Uniformitarianism
D. Plate Tectonics
E. paradigmatic shift
21. When oceanic lithosphere collides with another plate, the ________ in the process of subduction.
A. older, colder plate goes beneath the younger, warmer plate
B. younger, warmer plate goes beneath the older, colder plate
C. plates both disappear downward
D. plates pile up, forming mid-ocean ridges
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