Opt Out Field Test Letter to Admin Template

Dear (principal):
I am writing to inform you of my decision to refuse to allow my child, (name of child), from taking
any New York state field test in any subject during the week of June 3-7.
My child has been subjected to excessive amounts of state standardized testing and
preparation this school year. The tests in April consumed six days of 90 minutes each (for 3
and 4
graders it would be 70 minutes instead of 90), in addition to the many hours devoted to
preparing for those tests (including practice tests), both in school and homework test prep. It
is unacceptable that even more valuable classroom time be allocated to state testing. As it is,
approximately one-third of instructional time during the school year is lost to various
forms of high stakes test prep and testing. Furthermore, I object to my child being used as a
guinea pig by Pearson and the NY State Education Department, to develop questions for
future rounds of high stakes tests, and specifically without notifying me of the execution
of this random activity. Field test questions were already embedded in the April state tests,
making our child a research subject for a for-profit corporation without my consent or
It is my understanding that there will be no negative consequences for the school or students if
children do not take these field tests, and make-up exams will not be given. Therefore, I do not
give permission for my child to take the June field test.
My hope is that (name of school) does not administer the field tests at all, and that all students
benefit from a day of instruction rather than waste yet another block of time on test-taking. If,
however, the school does give the tests, I request you offer an alternative and more
meaningful instructional activity for my child.
Thank you for your cooperation.
(Name of parents)