Waveney Smartcard arrangements

The New Registration Authority Servicedesk for smartcard calls is
being launched on 17th June 2014
Following on from previous communications, this is a reminder that there will be changes to
the way in which smartcards requests and queries are handled.
The new arrangements will ensure smartcard enquires are dealt with in rotation with a
priority rating given to each call. This will allow the calls to be processed more efficiently
with no anticipated change in service levels to our customers. We expect that customers will
see an improvement to the current service.
Although the standard NHS England contract states a 24hours initial response time and 3
day completion of all calls, the RA team understand the needs of our customers and
anticipate all calls will be dealt within the service level agreement or sooner whenever
Please note the following:
As from 17th June, all requests for smartcard amendments, new/replacements cards
must be made by contacting:
NEL CSU IT Service Desk,
Beccles office,
Telephone on (0)1502 719550
Email: Angliacsu.itservicedesk@nhs.net
All requests will be issued with either a Service Request or Incident Request ID
Number which will be used to track the progress of the call. Please note that this
number must be included at the top of issued RA forms in the space provided.
All calls will be logged and given a priority category before being placed in a queue
for a RA Agent to process. The RA Agent will contact you directly should further
information be required, otherwise the request will be processed and you will receive
notification by email when your request is complete.
These changes will enable us to continue to provide you with a more efficient service
where you can easily see the progress of your call until it is completed.
While these new arrangements are being embedded, any callers to the RA Team will
be transferred to a voicemail which will provide contact details of the Servicedesk
and provide information of the new arrangements, emails sent to the team will be
redirected to the Servicedesk.
Please note that should you experience any issues using the new system, please
notify the service desk who will escalate your call and someone will call you.
Viv Phillips
Registration Authority Manager
NEL Commissioning Support Unit (Anglia Office)