Please take few moments and find the answers to these questions

Sustainability Scavenger Hunt
Please take few moments and find the answers to these questions about how your family uses energy, products, and services.
How many appliances (frig, micro, washing, machine, dryer, etc) are plugged in at your house?
How many of those appliances are high efficiency/energy star-rated?
How many TVs?
How many computers, printers, and/or copiers/faxes/scanners?
How many cell phones/iPADs/eReaders/electronic devices are used?
What kind of heating system do you have? (Oil, Gas, Pellet, Wood, Coal, Electric, Geothermal)
What kind of cooling system do you have? (Central Air, AC window units, and/or fans)
For your heating and cooling, which uses a renewable resource?
How many vehicles?
What is the vehicle that gets the highest mileage? What is the MPG?
What is the vehicle that gets the lowest mileage? What is the MPG?
What is your thermostat (house temperature) set at?
Do you recycle paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, tin, and/or cardboard? (CIRCLE all that apply)
Do you typically have more trash bags/cans than recycle cans?
Do you have new vinyl/double pane windows?
Do you have a garden?
Do you use blinds and/or curtains to control the amount of sunlight in your house?
Do you compost food, grass clippings, and/or leaves? (CIRCLE all that apply)
Is your lawn mower a ‘mulcher’ or do you have to rake grass up or bag it? (CIRCLE one)
Do you get a ride to school with more than one person?
Do you ride the school bus at any part of the day?
If so, is the bus full of students?
Is your lawn treated with any NON-ECO-FRIENDLY (non-‘green’) chemicals/fertilizers?
Do you use “green” household cleaners like detergent, bathroom cleansers, and mop soap?
Do you routinely waste food during the day? (Do you throw away more than a handful of food?)
Do you turn off the Christmas Tree or Christmas Lights at bedtime or use a timer to shut it off?
Do you share clothes/jackets with any sibling(s)?
Do you use reusable grocery shopping bags?
If you use plastic or paper grocery bags, do you use them more than once for any other purpose?
Do you recycle batteries?
Do you have a ‘low-flow’ toilet? (It uses a fraction of the water that older toilets used)
To conserve water, do you take quick showers?
Is your hot water heater temperature set too high? (if it turns cold on you, then no)
Do you have a swimming pool?
If so, are the pool chemicals ‘green’?
Do you have a Jacuzzi/hot tub?
If so, is the water heated all of the time and/or year-round?
Are the Jacuzzi/hot tub chemicals ‘green’?
Does your family routinely pay bills online (instead of via US postage)?