File - Mrs. Melinda Cochrane

Story Project: Visual Representation
Story starter story selection (which did you
choose to extend into a longer story):
Before you begin your visual project you must
complete your 5 paragraph story from your
selection of story starters. The good copy should
be handed in by Monday February 22, 2015.
Remember to be creative and to follow the plot
diagram model. (Introduction, Rising Actions,
Climax, Falling Action, Resolution)
Visual Representation:
On the next page you will see an outline and story
map to plan out what you will represent in a 3D
model of your project. The project will be
completed in class. ( we have sinks and we can
paint! Cool!)
Supplies for your project: To be brought to school
on the first day after the March break.
1. 8 by 11 piece of Styrofoam ( if you want to go
a little bigger than this you can, but please tell
me the dimensions first)
2. popsicle sticks, construction paper, and
acrylic paints- you MUST bring something to
cover your clothes.
3. Extra Styrofoam if you choose to use pieces
for buildings etc
4. You can select the different additions to the
project. For example, fake trees, grass, models
of people- this is your choice and where you
get creative.
Places to purchase supplies:
1. Walmart
2. The Dollar Store! Everything for a dollar!
3. Ted’s hobby Shop (Pointe Claire)
4. Styrofoam- Reno depot
Plot Diagram
Story Visual Planner: Fill in some points before
choosing what you will represent
If any
Complete the blocks below and plan out the
details of your visual project. Begin with what you
will be representing. ( characters, setting, theme
or main plot event)
Draw a picture to help see
the project before