Scene 7 Guided Reading Questions and Answers

Scene Seven Study Questions
1. For what occasion is Stella preparing at the opening of this scene? Why does she only put 25
candles on the cake? Stella is preparing for Blanche’s birthday celebration. Blanche is
sensitive about her age, plus Mitch is coming, so Stella likes to keep up the illusion that
Blanche is younger than she really is.
2. What does Stanley tell Stella he has learned about Blanche? There are several things.
He found out that she was basically run out of Laurel because she was known as the town
loony. She went out with as many men as she could, and they all figured her out quickly.
He also told Stella that Blanche’s house was known as “out of bounds” to the local army
camp, that she was staying at the hotel Flamingo after losing Belle Reve, and that she
had an affair with a student.
3. During Stella and Stanley’s talk, Blanche is in the bathroom, singing. What does she sing
about? How could this be significant? Blanche is singing a song about fantasy (“it’s only a
paper moon…but it wouldn’t be make believe if you’d believe in me”), which is ironic
because Stanley and Stella are discussing what really happened to Blanche. Now, no one
will believe in her.
4. Why did Blanche leave the Flamingo? The management asked her to leave because she was
either prostituting herself out of the hotel or was bringing back too many men to be
considered decent.
5. According to Stanley, why did Blanche leave the school? Blanche was asked to leave after a
boy’s father came forward, accusing Blanche of sleeping with his son.
6. How does Stella react to Stanley’s revelations about her sister? She doesn’t want to believe
him and tells him that she thinks the man who told Stanley is a terrible person. She then
goes on to tell Stanley that Blanche has always been “flighty” and has a traumatic past.
7. What are Stanley’s reasons for telling Mitch about Blanche’s past? Stanley and Mitch are best
friends and practically brothers. They served in WWII together, work together, and play
on the same bowling team. He didn’t want Mitch to “get caught” in Blanche’s trap.
8. What did Stella hope would happen between Mitch and Blanche? She (and Blanche) hoped
Mitch would marry her.