Getrag F23 (M86/MG3) Car And Truck Transmission

2011 Getrag F23 (M86):
5-Speed Transaxle for Small FWD Car and Truck Applications
3.95 Final Drive Ratio exclusively offered in Chevrolet HHR.
The F23 uses DEXRON VI ATF and is filled for life. No fluid changes are required for
normal duty cycles.
The F23’s clutch is actuated hydraulically. This allows the clutch system to automatically
compensate for wear, so no clutch adjustments are necessary.
The Getrag F23 is a conventional three-shaft (three-axis) transverse five-speed manual
transaxle with a fully synchronized reverse gear. It features compact packaging, broad lowtorque capabilities, and reliable operation. 1st and 2nd gears are located on the intermediate
shaft, 3rd and 4th gear are located on the input shaft, and 5th and reverse gear are located on the
output shaft. 1st and 2nd gear have double-cone synchronizers while 3rd, 4th, 5th, and reverse
have single-cone synchronizers. The intermediate rings in 1st and 2nd and the blocker rings in
3rd, 4th, and reverse are all lined with carbon friction material. The blocker ring in 5th gear is
molybdenum coated. Carbon and molybdenum are extremely durable friction surfaces that
remain stable even under extreme heat. The F23’s gear sets are actuated with a remote shifter
that is connected to its internal shift system via shift cables. Its output shaft is mated to an open
differential. The F23’s clutch has a smooth, linear feel because its release bearing is operated
by a concentric slave cylinder. Getrag builds the F23 transaxle in Bari, Italy for both European
and North American applications.