VCA - Information for early childhood services and schools

Responding to the Vulnerable Children Act 2014
We want to know about: how early childhood services
and schools are understanding and managing their
responsibilities introduced as part of the Vulnerable
Children Act 2014.
From the beginning of November, as part of your
service/school’s education review, ERO reviewers will
talk with you about how your service or school is
responding to the Vulnerable Children Act.
Why is this evaluation timely?
 New safety regulations will
make it easier to identify the
small number of people who are
a risk to children.
 These regulations are being
phased in from 1 July 2015.
We are interested in:
 whether you have good information about the Vulnerable Children Act
 your understandings about what you need to do to meet the requirements of the Act
 timeframes you have for meeting requirements
 any support you need to meet the requirements
 which of your staff you have determined are non-core workers
The overall findings from reviews of services and schools in Term 4, 2015 will be aggregated for a
small national report to help the Ministry of Education identify where further resources or support
is needed.
Responding to the Vulnerable Children Act
Education Review Office September 2015
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