MoCoPHEPR_summary_2015-11-2 - Maryland NCR Emergency

Montgomery County PHEPR Summary (for MDERS) – November 2, 2015
SFY 2016 Work Plan
In progress; addresses 2014 TTX Improvement Plan action items
Office Staffing
 Staff: Earl Stoddard, Jamaal Russell, Bill Kelly, Anne Denicoff, Betsy
 Looking to change the open Program Support Specialists II to an
Emergency Management Specialist I
 Seeking a dedicated IT webmaster / social media manager
Staff Training
 Association of Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professionals
(AHEPP) Conference (Scheduled: Nov. 17-18 in Omaha, NE)
 2015 National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference
(Scheduled: Dec. 1-3 in San Diego, CA)
 PHP Summit 2016 (Scheduled: April 19-22 in Dallas, TX)
Office Move
 February time frame
 Conducting a COOP Capability Analysis
OEMHS Partners
 2015 UASI grant process
 Recent lessons involve improving contact lists, job aides, etc.
Regional Engagement
 Earl chairs the MDERS Steering Committee
 MWCOG Mass Fatality WG had first meeting
 Regional PHEP meetings: next one is 11/17
 Representation at MDERS and MWCOG meetings
 Considering a monthly PHEPR Newsletter, social media, etc.
Epidemic Surveillance & Investigation
Operational with ER visits, school absenteeism, and OTC sales; pursuing data
CHAN System
Animal Monitoring
Public Health GIS
eMed Check
from First Watch, family practice, and transportation
Reporting is variable; ongoing failure with system reporting feature
In progress by OEMHS
PHEP identified as the lead for ESF 11; seeking more visibility
Ongoing needs
Prince William Co. software for online screening, online CRI training, active
Closed POD website
PHCC Activations
Chicken pox/shingles
Chikungunya virus
Dengue viruses
Flu (high pathogenic)
Flu (seasonal)
Herpes Virus
Recent MCFRS inquiry handled about foreign travel and ebola
Only ‘No Further Action’ alerts this period
Ongoing surveillance by CDC and DHMH
Drop in cases this year (new vaccine)
Normal incidence of 500+ US cases (all travel associated); none in MD
Normal incidence of 100+ US cases
Monitoring <50 Maryland residents from two countries
Active state surveillance; hospitals report SARI in kids
Routine state surveillance; no cases
Lower incidence; county SHS flu clinics postponed due to issue with mist
Ongoing state surveillance
Measles back in the US with record numbers, mostly the unvaccinated
CDC travel notice at Level 2 (Enhanced Precautions)
Lower incidence this year
West Nile viruses
Higher incidence this year
Ongoing state surveillance
Recent Preparedness Efforts
 Completed 10/21/2015
 Average throughput time of 20 minutes, with express lanes
At 11/17 PHEP staff meeting with Dr Herrmann and Dr. Gralla
In progress; initiating a rewrite of the hospitals MOU
Anne Arundel Clinic
Throughput Ex.
POD Design Study
MOCEP hospital
Super-POD/Closed POD In progress; scheduling a user test by a wider audience
online training
ORR (SFY 2016/BP4)
 Scheduled for 2/26/2015
 Planning date to meet PHCC Activation Drill Requirement
Dialysis Centers
 6 out of 18 dialysis centers attended a briefing by PEPCO and WSSC on
10/30; few if any are meeting the CMS or state requirements
School Health Services  Fit testing: no update
 Considering POD training for SHS staff
Medical Reserve Corps  MoCo MRC unit Kickoff meetings scheduled for Nov 10 and Nov 14
 Awaiting DHMH comments on MoCo Vol. Mgmt. Plan
Medical Counter
MCM response timeline in development
Mass Dispensing
 Back-up LBSS site validation
 DLC warehouse LBSS follow-up
 Engaging Dr. Hermann (UMCP): Statement of the Problem
 List of necessary features for open POD sites
Closed PODs
 Homeless Shelters Training (Jan. 2016)
 NIH & FDA Super-POD
 Walter Reed Exercises and PHEPR participation
 Lockheed Martin and private sector
Open PODs
Need to reach out to schools to notify of open POD site visits
Training for POD leads In progress
Equipment Cache
Preparedness info
At PHCC warehouse
PHEP jackets and shirts For field deployments
Basic PPE kits
Paper suits, etc. for lab visits and field deployments
N95s masks
Expiring soon
No update
Acquiring new radios for PHS partners and MOCEP partners
No update
Caches of TamiFlu, Doxicycline, Cipro, Riboviacine, et al.)
BDS Kits
For activation of the Bio Detection System
POD Go-Kits and
 At MCPS Warehouse
PHEPR Trailer
 General vs. CRI PODs needs
 Reach out to Prince George’s Co. about POD carts inventory
No update
CPR Mannequins
No update