departmental performance review form

SECTION 1: Number of Staff Performance Reviewed in 2008
The Performance Review scheme covers all University employees, excluding casual and agency staff.
Individuals may only exercise their right to opt out under the following circumstances:
They are retiring during the review period;
They are on a fixed-term contract of 12 months duration or less;
They are employed for 12 hours or less per week;
They have joined the University towards the end of the review period or recently undergone a review
as part of an induction/probationary period.
Please complete the table below to show the number and percentage of staff within each staff group who
received a Performance Review interview in the 2008 review period (1 Jan 08 to 31 Dec 08).
Table 1: Performance Review Interviews 2008
Staff Group
No. of staff in post
(excluding those who have
exercised their right to opt
out – see above)
No. of staff
performance reviewed
Percentage of staff
performance reviewed
If your department has failed to meet the target of all eligible staff having received a Performance Review in
2008, please identify the factors that presented your department from doing so:
No. of staff not reviewed:
Reason(s) staff not reviewed
SECTION 2: Training and Development Needs
What were the training and development needs identified by staff during the review period? As far as
possible, please group these according to the areas listed in the table below, identifying staff groups where
Please highlight needs which are high priority using bold text.
Please highlight needs which can or will be met by your department using italics.
The information in this section will be passed onto Professional and Organisational Development (POD) to
inform the development of future training programmes and activities.
Table 2: Training and Development Needs
Training and Development Needs
Teaching & Learning
Leadership & Management
Diversity (Equal Opportunities & Disability)
Health & Safety
Specialist/Technical Training
Personal Development
Once completed, please EMAIL this form to the POD Administrator, Leanne Allsopp (la524) no later
than Friday 13 February 2009.
Please retain a hard copy of the form signed by the head of department on file within the department.
Signed (Head of Department)………………………………………………….
HR Policy Committee has historically set aside £80K of HEFCE money to fund additional training and
developmental activities, but in order to maximise the return on investment from this fund, in October, the
Committee considered and approved a proposal from the Director of Professional & Organisational
Development to realign the Performance Review Fund to the Better Management planning process. This will
increase the effectiveness of staff development provision and maximise the return on the funds invested by
making use of the professional knowledge of the University’s staff developers. Rather than invite
departments to bid for funding, the £80K will remain in the POD budget so that it can be allocated by POD to
support specific needs identified through an improved prioritisation and planning process. As such
Departments will not be invited to submit bids as part of the Performance Review Process from a
central PR Fund.
Training needs are currently identified through the Performance Review Process, ad hoc requests and now
the Better Management discussion; POD are currently working with colleagues to develop a simple process
that enables us to pull all these requests together into a prioritised plan. A further communication will be
issued shortly.
As the current Performance Review Scheme has now been in operation for 5 years, POD will shortly be
embarking on a review, using the findings of the Staff Opinion Survey as a starting point. To further inform
the review, colleagues from POD will be liaising directly with Departments to consult with staff on their
experiences of the scheme to date. Further details will be communicated as the review gets underway.