Calderdale Therapeutic Services

Calderdale Therapeutic
Presentation by Andrew Waterson-Smith
The Back Story…
 Looked After and Adopted Child Health Team
 Philosophy
 Structure
 Challenges
 Recruitment new Team Manager, 2014
Back to the Drawing Board
 Need to re-consider the work, the outcomes, and the impact.
 Development process for the team.
 Team Away Day.
 Consultation process.
 Need to configure Service.
 Additional resources provided by Service.
New Structure with C.T.S.
 Three pods – this supports the practice expectations inherent
within Systemic Practice.
 Life Story Work
 Clinical Pod
 New Team - CTS
Calderdale Therapeutic Services
 Strands of work are:
 VYP Keyworkers (13+)
 Life Story Work
 Clinical support to placement/individuals
 CAMHS Pathway
 IRO Fostering
 Currently two Students
 SDQ responsibilities
 Aligned with Systemic implementation
Vulnerable Young People Keyworkers
 Pod of Three VYP Keyworkers, overseen by an Advanced
 Experienced Residential Workers
 Works arrives via VYP Panel (occasionally directly)
 VYP 13+, multiple vulnerabilities
 Link to other VYP Keyworkers within service
 Development Days occur monthly across service
 Developing expertise in risk assessment, motivational
interviewing, and intensive interventions to support change.
Life Story Work
 New pod, currently three workers, overseen by an
Advanced Practitioner.
 Referrals received via C.T.S.
 Life Story Books
 Life Story Work (Therapeutic)
 Process Mapped
 Backlog of Adopted Children
 Need to bring focus forwards, to ensure all children with
permanence plan have access to Life Story Work
Clinical pod
 Commissioned service – Clinical Psychology, Child and
Adolescent Psychotherapy
 Four Advanced Practitioners, all with additional
therapeutic training
 Team Manager/Psychotherapist also helps out!
 Referrals via C.T.S.
 Training and Consultation
 Clinical Supervision to wider service pods (Systemic)
Referral Process
 Referral Form to C.T.S.
 Lead Professional for informal/formal discussions around
 Screened within 24 hours
 Decision made as to pod and oversight put on CASS
 Lead Professional allocated
 PSC generally (requirement for this within 28 days)
 Write up/Treatment Plan within 7 days
 Process map
 SDQ responsibility within C.M.B.C.
 Referral Tracker – indicators
 Regular Reporting
 Presence of Child’s Voice within entire process
 Internal auditing
 More robust system
Where now?
 Outcome focus – is the service making a difference?
 Is a child’s emotional well-being improved by
involvement with C.T.S.?
 Are foster carers sufficiently supported by clinical
 Are we supporting recovery from abuse?
 Are we reducing vulnerability?
 Emotionally safer?
 Questions…