Statistical Software and Software Resources

Statistical Software: Statistical computations for Sums of Squares, multiple range tests and so
forth will be done with Statistical Software Packages. It does not matter which package you use
for the computations since the underlying formulae for the computations are really the same.
SAS, JMP (a point and click version of SAS), R, SPSS and Minitab are all standard Statistical
software packages which can be used for this course.
Software Resources:
Assistance with using software packages can be obtained from the Statistical Consulting
Service during the week in MATH G175. The Fall 2013 schedule of hours can be found
Note that the software consultants there will not do your HW for you, but are there to answer
software related questions.
You may also e-mail questions to the software consultants at:
[email protected]
If you use SAS, a very useful link for basic information on SAS is:
If you use SPSS, a very useful link for basic information on SPSS is:
R software: R for Introductory Statistics.docx Class project by Joseph Martin and Jeffrey
Ting, geared for Purdue system.