13.2 What is Speech Recognition

Again--What is Speech Recognition?
Speech recognition is the process of converting an acoustic signal, captured by a microphone, to a set of words. Another
way of defining speech recognition is "the ability of a computer to understand spoken words for the purpose of receiving
commands and data input from the speaker."
The recognized words can be the final results, as for applications, data entry, and document preparation. Speech
recognition systems can be characterized by many parameters. An isolated-word speech recognition system requires
that the speaker pause briefly between words, whereas a continuous speech recognition system does not. Spontaneous,
or extemporaneously generated, speech is much more difficult to recognize than speech read from script. Some systems
require speaker enrollment---a user must provide samples of his or her speech before using them, whereas other systems
are said to be speaker-independent, in that no enrollment is necessary. Some of the other parameters depend on the
specific task. Recognition is generally more difficult when vocabularies are large or have many similar-sounding words.
What Do You Do?
The purpose of this assignment is to review preliminary information about speech recognition so
that you will be ready to input data (remember, this is a type of input device) in the next few assignments.
Please complete the following activities:
• Review the PowerPoint Speech Recognition Powerpoint.ppt .
• Review and print the document Speech Recognition Vocabulary.doc . Please place this in your Digital
Communications notebook.
• Complete the document Wk13 Speech Content Questions.doc Save as 13.2.2 speechxx and submit via
assignment link. This assignment counts 15 points. • Complete the quiz below 13.2.2 speech2 "Check Your Understanding." This assignment counts 20
points. Please be reminded you can complete this assignment an unlimited number of times. I
recommend completing it over and over until you earn 20 out of 20 points.
URL: http://www.tifaq.com/speech.html
URL: http://www.sayican.com/sevtipforeas.html
Recognition Vocabulary--handout
Speech Recognition Power Point How You Will Be Evaluated
To earn all 20
points for this assignment, post using the assignment link below by the due date.
To Continue
Go to Lessons, Week 13, and choose the next assignment for this week. I hope that you enjoyed these
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