Code of Ethics - Canadian Bulldoggers Association

Breeder Code of Ethics*
Preface: The Canadian Bull Breeds Association asks and requests that all breeders subscribe to the Breeder's Code of Ethics as well as
promote the highest standards of conduct among their co-fanciers.
To encourage and support sterling sportsmanship and cooperation in the preservation, advancement
and improvement of their breed.
*I will make every effort to educate any new owner or interested person in their chosen breed. I will strive to be easy to talk to, eager to
answer questions, be genuine, responsive in returning calls or emails in a timely and congenial manner.
*I will keep accurate records of my dogs. These records will include registration certificates, stud service contracts, pedigrees, vaccination
and breeding records.
*I will conscientiously select my stud dog and brood bitch with an emphasis on good health, correct conformation, temperament, working
drive and ability while all the time referring to a recognized established breed standard and the principles of genetics.
*I Shall not breed bitches prior to physical maturity nor as a general rule any more often than two out of three heats.
*I will be honest and ethical in my financial dealings with my clients.
*I will carefully interview and apprise the buyer of the growth potential and breed peculiarities to insure that placement of the dog is
mutually satisfactory.
*I shall plan each breeding with due diligence with the objective of the improvement and advancement and health of the breed as a
foremost priority.
*I will maintain the highest standards of health and care for my dogs and I will provide the necessary time, facilities and resources to
properly care for all the dogs on my property and to provide quality shelter, nourishment, grooming, exercise, proper socialization, health
protection (including vaccines and de-worm prevention) and License Veterinary care for all my dogs.
*I will provide a minimum of a one year written Health Warranty along with after sales support and offer my services for assistance,
resources and knowledge.
*Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. No breeder shall malign his competition by making false or misleading statements regarding
his competitor's dogs, breeding practice or person.
*I will refrain from releasing my puppies to their new owners until they are at least seven weeks old, or eight weeks or older if they are to
be shipped.
*I will place all puppies fully protected (age appropriate) with vaccinations, de-wormed, dewclaws removed, tails docked, ears cropped,
etc. as necessary to the specific breed standard requirements, unless otherwise agreed upon.
*I will provide registration papers with each dog unless reasons for not providing papers (such as spay/neuter clause) or (foundation dog)
are clearly stated in sales contract.
*I will not be involved in or use my dogs for any illegal activity. None of my dogs are intended for any illegal activity and will not be sold
for such use.
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