National Geographic: Science of Dogs

Video Questions – Science of Dogs
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1. Why are dogs considered to be “man-made?”
2. What is the latin name for the dog?
3. What is Eugenics?
4. What has the Dogo Argentino been bred to do?
5. From what breeds was the Dogo designed?
6. Who are thought to be the first people to breed dogs for specific traits?
7. When and where did the “explosion” of dog breeds occur?
8. What ability has “Missy” been bred to have?
9. What sense is more highly developed in the dog?
10. Identify some good uses for this trait.
11. What is the Sulimov dog bred for and what is the foundation of this breed of dog?
12. What percent of the dog’s DNA varies from on breed to another?
13. What are tandem repeats?
14. What are some unintended consequences of following mating of dogs to “breed standards?”
15. Give some examples of genetic defects.
16. What treatments have been developed to treat blindness in the Briard breed?
17. How is studying genetic diseases in dogs beneficial to humans?
18. What did researchers learn about dogs and wolves in their communication experiments?
19. How do scientists explain this?
20. By this point you should have a pretty clear understanding of the term selective breeding. Describe what
selective breeding means. Use an example in your answer.