Chapter 4 Study Guide


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Chapter 4 Study Guide


*Periodic table *Elements *Atoms *Atomic Number *Atomic Mass *Synthetic Element *Ductile *Malleable *Radioactive Decay *Isotope *Beta Particle *Chemical Symbol *Nucleus *Conductivity *Nuclear Fusion

People (Know who they are and what they did that is important):

*Mendeleev *Dalton *Rutherford *Thomson *Bohr *Becquerel

Important Concepts:

*What natural event can create heavy elements? How does it work? *How are synthetic elements created? What is the fate of these elements? *What are the properties of metals, nonmetals, halogens, and noble gases? *Describe the organization of the periodic table, including its columns and groups/families. *What are the main parts of an atom? Know their position and charge.

*What are the different types of radiation? Describe the strength of each type and what can provide protection from it. *How can radioactive isotopes be used? *What are the most chemically reactive metals and nonmetals?

Also important!

*If you are given the atomic number or mass of an element, be prepared to describe how many protons, neutrons, and electrons that element has.