Discourse Analysis We have being doing discourse analysis from

Discourse Analysis
We have being doing discourse analysis from day one! It involves analysing the use of
language as a whole, asking ourselves WHY certain language is used, what effect it has on
the audience / function etc…
When looking at analysing discourse, ask any of the following questions…which we have
been doing gradually- tick the ones that are familiar:
 What elements are present in the discourse? [expression, content, function, context,
 What mode is used? What effect does it have?
 What style has been used? Is it appropriate?
 Given that there are many ways to express the same idea, why has the author or
speaker chosen those particular expressions?
 Why are certain word structures used? How does it affect the function of the text?
 What effect do certain syntactical structures have on the message, audience and
 What does the language used tell us about the context- the social situation
surrounding the author and audience?
 What does the text tell us about the author? Personality, background and thinking?
 Has the author or speaker altered their lexical choices according for a particular
audience? Why?
 How is the text structured overall and why? [ visual layout, order of ideas]
 Why has the author chosen to organise or structure the text this way?
 Does the text fit together? Why? Why not?
 Is the register appropriate? Why? Why not?
 Does the author or speaker use language with a specific function in mind? (or
specific purpose of the text)
 What is the overall meaning of the text? How has that been made?