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Wild Abundance Business Breakthrough Session
This opportunity is right for you if you want to start your heart-based
business, OR you've started and you're not getting the results
want (translation - not enough clients, not enough money, or clients
who don't pay you enough and value your gifts enough).
This is right for you if you realize that you need some help to attract
the right clients and finally stop stressing out about how you will pay
the bills.
And, you are sick and tired of doing this alone and really want
some nurturing, energizing, and practical help. You want
accountability so you move through fear quickly and take action
to magnetize highly motivated, fast-action clients and fill your
This is right for you if you're feeling that there is a path to having
plenty of money and dream clients, and you want someone who
can help you with your custom-designed path.
To apply, simply send an e-mail to [email protected] and
answer these important questions. (Rest assured, your answers
will be kept strictly confidential, so you can speak freely - or write
freely, as the case may be!)
 What's your business? Who do you work with and what is the
core transformation that you share? What are your clients
struggling with, what results do they achieve with you?
 How long have you been in business, are you working with
clients now and how much have you made in this business over
the last 12 months? Please be specific about the amount.
 When it comes to your business, what are your 3 major
 What is the #1 obstacle that has kept you from solving these
 Are you currently working with a business coach or mentor or
have you worked with one in the past? Describe your
 Where would you like your business to be in 12 months? On a
scale of 1 - 10 how important is it for you achieve the goal of a
sustainable and lucrative business?
 Are you ready to invest a reasonable amount of time, energy,
and money in order to create a thriving and successful
Please enter your website address if you have one:
That's it! Some people report that just answering these questions
produces breakthroughs and unprecedented clarity.
I look forward to hearing form you!
Radiance and Courage,