Common Diseases and Parasites of Small Animals Review

Common Diseases of Small Animals
Answer the following questions.
1.List three common canine diseases.
2. What bacterial infectious disease is primarily spread by ticks and may
have symptoms lasting months after the animal has been treated?
Name three of its symptoms.
___ 3. Heartworms occur when an infected male mosquito bites a cat and
larvae migrate through the tissues and eventually into the cat’s heart.
a. true
b. false
4. How should you treat a cat that has been diagnosed with feline
5. What are two vectors of Pacheco’s Disease?
___ 6. The polyoma virus infects almost all parrot species.
a. true
b. false
7. In guinea pigs, what causes scurvy?
8. In hamsters, what part of the body is attacked by wet tail?
9. List five zoonotic diseases.
10. List three ways to prevent zoonotic diseases.
Common Parasites of Small
Answer the following questions.
___ 1. The most common internal parasite is the
a. roundworm
b. flatworm
c. tapeworm
d. whipworm
___ 2. Whipworms live in the _______ of animals.
a. liver
b. kidney
c. cecum
d. small intestine
3. What is an intermediate host?
4. What internal parasite is transmitted through feeding mosquitoes?
5. What condition causes deficiency of hemoglobin in blood?
6. What is the careful management of domestic affairs or resources
___ 7. Symptoms of hookworms include an expanded abdomen.
a. true
b. false
___ 8. Sarcoptic Mange is also known as scabies.
a. true
b. false
___ 9. Tapeworms can be transmitted through a mothers’ milk.
a. true
b. false
___ 10. Demodectic mange may cause the excretion of serum.
a. true
b. false