Take the Cat Allergy Quiz!

Are you Allergic to Cats?
Take the cat allergy quiz to see if you might qualify for this investigational study. Check all boxes that
 Do you suffer from runny or stuffy nose and itchy/red eyes when exposed to your CAT?
 Are you between the ages of 12 to 65 years of age?
 Do you have acat living in your home?
 Interested in improving the quality of your life by possibly decreasing your cat allergy symptoms?
If you have checked the above boxes, you might qualify for this exciting investigational cat allergy study.
Qualified participants will receive all study related care, testing and study medication at no cost to you
and receive financial compensation for time and travel.
To learn more about this study, please Call:
Bernstein Clinical Research Center, LLC
8444 Winton Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
[email protected]