Homework #8

IT 327
Dr. Lunt
Homework #8
Chapter 1
2. Explain why all communications systems must have similar functions, regardless of size
or distance.
4. What is the primary relationship among frequency, velocity & wavelength of an
electromagnetic wave?
5. What is the propagation factor?
Give typical factors for wire & cable.
7. Compare the wavelength of visible light with the wavelength of a signal in the LF band.
12. What is bandwidth?
Why is it a critical resource?
13. How does available bandwidth affect the rate at which data can be transferred?
How do signal and noise power affect data rates?
14. Why do the higher-frequency bands of the spectrum offer greater capacity?
15. What is the difference between simplex, duplex & half-plex communication systems?
5. Determine the channel capacity for signal power of 150 W, noise power of 12 W and
bandwidth of 2 kHz.
7. What is the capacity when the signal-to-noise power ration is 2000 & the bandwidth is 75