Addenda #2

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Addendum # 2 to:
RFP LU15-171
June 25th, 2015
Project title:
Residence Television Services
This addendum is issued to provide answers to questions received up to noon,
Wednesday, June 24, 2015, and to provide proponents with a list of channels
currently available to students.
See below
Question: Can the service provider utilize LU’s existing network to deliver IPTV
Answer: Yes
Question: Will dedicated bandwidth be provided?
Answer: No. Committed bit rate will not be provided. Priority / QOS or VLAN
separation will be available.
Question: What QoS is available from Lakehead on the network?
Answer: There are many forms of QoS supported on our network. We are
willing to work with responders to find the most appropriate solution given the
protocols and mechanisms required.
Question: Can a complete network diagram be provided that clearly indicates
bandwidth to each building, device, software, and any future upcoming plans to
Answer: Not at this time. If required to complete the work, diagrams will be
supplied to the winning proponent.
Question: Can you identify how much bandwidth is typically being utilized in each
building during the full school year?
Answer: Uplinks to buildings are 1 Gigabit. Average bi-directional 24 hour
bandwidth consumption is less than 10%, with an average peak of 25%
Question: Is student bandwidth consumption throttled in any way?
Answer: Yes – for Internet usage at our border router. Local network does not
contain any bandwidth throttling. Broadcast traffic may have some bandwidth
management; (Storm Control, DHCP, Spoofing Filters, etc). Our Network policies
can be adapted to meet needs of the solution, and we are open to discussing this
issue further.
Question: Are students able to access more robust TV channels and/or rent
Answer: All students are currently able to rent or pay-per-view, but this is between
them and the service provider. Once a contract is in place, Students will not be
able to change or upgrade to another provider.
Proponents are reminded that the new services are to be in place and accessible
on or before September 1st, 2015.
Channel list posted as separate Excel Document.
End of Addenda