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Why study Geography? (including career ideas/ prospects)
Geography is a broad based academic degree which is well respected by employers. Geography graduates have one of
the highest rates of graduate employment. It is a subject which bridges the sciences and the arts, and gives opportunities
to study a wide range of topics; both human and physical.
Geographers enter a very wide range of career areas and put simply there is no such thing as a geography job, there are
jobs that geographers do. Studying geography provides you with valuable skills and a firm base for life-long learning.
is a subject which crosses both the sciences and the arts. It is a wide ranging subject which allows you to learn
Do your research
about a range of parts of the world, both human and physical. It can lead to many different careers, such as
UCAS this website will list every single course available in British universities. .. this website will allow to compare the success of past students on
the courses of your choice and find out the employment prospects of those who have done your course.. search for your chosen course and find out exactly which grades are needed for your
chosen course.
Ideas to be more competitive in this subject
Think critically about global issues
Read widely around the subject (particularly around topics which you find most
Practice developing your perspective and argument through extended writing
Get involved in local environmental projects and be aware of issues
Attend additional seminars and lectures
Suggested Reading List
No Logo – Naomi Klein
Fugitive Denim – Rachel Louise Synder
Confessions of an Eco-Sinner – Fred Pearce
Richard Girling [2008]: Sea Change: Britain's Coastal Catastrophe - Eden Project Book
Nicholas Crane [2010]: Coast: Our Island Story: A Journey of Discovery Around Britain’s Coastline BBC Books
Ian Stewart & John Lynch [2007]: Earth – The Power of the Planet - BBC Books
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