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Directions: Write down the definition and part of speech for each vocabulary word as it is used in

the book. Choose the sentence that uses the word in the same context as the book.



1. Memo

2. Memo










anthem designate capacity ramparts facilitate contemporary

Definition and Part of


A formal song of loyalty, praise, or happiness noun

Chosen for a particular job, but not officially doing that job yet adjective

The ability to hold or contain people or things noun

A tall, thick stone or dirt wall built to protect from attacks noun

To make (something) easier verb

Happening, existing, living, or coming into being during the same period of time



A. The church choir fervently sang an

anthem of praise.

B. John Brown wrote a new anthem for the opening ceremony.

C. Both

A. Designate a specific notebook for keeping track of your homework assignments.

B. The school requires designated chaperones for the field trip.

C. Both

A. Does he have the capacity to handle this job?

B. I need to bring in a bottle with a

capacity of 2 liters for Science.

C. Both

A. Outside the ramparts are scenes of everyday peasant life.

B. There are 2 restaurants, including gone waterside, and an infinity pool created from one of the ramparts.

C. Both

A. The cocoons were then put in hot water to facilitate the difficult and tedious task of extracting the silk.

B. It was designed to facilitate the movement of material during construction of the dam.

C. Both

A. She was one of my contemporaries at university.

B. Many homes in the Hollywood Hills are decorated in a contemporary style.

C. Both














#8 theoretical controversial electorate inflationprone municipal allocate foresee

Confined to theory or speculation often in contrast to practical applications adjective

Relating to or causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument adjective

The people who can vote in an election noun

A. On a theoretical level, hiring more people seems logical.

B. The idea is purely theoretical at this point.

C. Both

A. Prayer in school is a highly controversial subject.

B. Immigration is a controversial issue in many countries.

C. Both

Likely for the continual increase in the price of goods and services noun

Of or relating to the government of a city or town adjective

To divide and give out

(something) for a special reason or to particular people, companies etc. verb

To see or become aware of something that has not yet happened


A. Changing demographics, however, are shrinking white voters as a segment of the


B. These developments signify good health in the electorate.

C. Both

A. It is difficult to start a business in an

inflation-prone economy.

B. We were an inflation-prone nation when

Jimmy Carter was President.

C. Both

A. You could also buy municipal bonds, which are probably the best value in the bond market these days.

B. He is now in charge of all the computers at a mid-size municipal library.

C. Both

A. What matters most is how you allocate your overall savings.

B. Can someone allocate the Panama Canal on the map?

C. Both

A. Conventional economic models failed to

foresee the financial crisis.

B. The President didn’t foresee the rapid increase in unemployment when he took office.

C. Both






#10 attendant bedlam vigilant

Something that accompanies noun

A very noisy and c confused state or scene noun

Carefully noticing problems or signs of danger adjective

A. On my last flight, someone asked the flight attendant whether the flight was full.

B. The town is trying to deal with the population boom and the attendant increase in traffic.

C. Both

A. Once the convict was classified as insane, he was sent to the bedlam.

B. It was bedlam behind the stage until the curtain went up and the play began.

C. Both

A. When traveling through the city, tourists should be extra vigilant.

B. They were vigilant about protecting their children.

C. Both