Interview a famous Greek person

Interview a famous Greek person!
You are a writer for People Magazine, Ancient Greece edition.
Your task in the computer lab today is to interview with a famous
person from the time period (politician, god/goddess, soldier,
mathematician, doctor, philosopher, etc.)
* Must be a famous person from the Ancient Greece
* Must take up at least 1 entire page, typed in Arial 12 pt font;
create a title for your interview & include your by-line (name &
date of interview); NORMAL MARGINS!
* Must include a snapshot (picture) of the interviewee: picture must be no bigger than the example on this
* Must describe their contribution to society as well as include Q&As about their life, job, responsibilities,
families, etc…
* Creativity!
Have fun with this! You don’t have to do much research to make it interesting & creative. However, please
make sure that your facts are accurate – NO WIKIPEDIA! Include your sources at the end of the page. Print
when finished (make sure name is on it). If you DO NOT finish by the end of the period, you will need to
email your work to yourself (or save on flash drive) and finish at home! To email work, save the document
to your desktop or documents, open your email account, and send as an attachment!
Helpful web sites: You can use these or others you find on your own (BUT NOT WIKI) – Who was Plutarch? Read a couple of his biographies of famous Greeks. (this site gives you excerpts from the actual writings of some of the
Greek Philosophers if you want to get an actual quote from literature) (Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato only) (make sure not to accidentally look at Roman gods!)
*** Remember, you can also use your textbook
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