Y5 (Summer) - Newlands Primary School

Summer 1
Unit Title: the City of Sentha – Ancient Greece
Entry point: Children received a letter from Sir Teachalot giving them a character from Ancient Greece and information about
themselves. He has asked them to research into a specific topic and he will be visiting them to find out about their findings.
Exit point: To have a Greek day!
Outcome: To individually contribute work to the museum and develop their understanding of the life and times of Ancient
Fiction: Focus on myths and legends and writing their own
Key Text:
Speaking and Listening: Role play and acting out the legends
Myths and Legends
Maths: Continue to be secure in mathematical operations and
Theseus and the Minotaur
calculation strategies.
Planning and costing a menu for our residential linked to ICT.
Science: Changing State – classifying materials and
investigating how they can change in different conditions.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World:
Ancient Greece – thinking about how life was different from the
way it is today. Looking at historical evidence to find out about
the past.
ICT: Finding Things Out – Using the internet as a research tool
for the topic.
Presenting information using power point.
Using excel to help to plan and cost a menu for the residential
PDL: Preparing for transition
SEAL: Going for goals
Creative Development/DT: Becoming architects and designing
and making a temple from Ancient Greece
Concept – Interpretation
Thinking about our interpretations of God and how they change
in different circumstances
Games: Chelsea FC teaching cricket
PE: Swimming
UNCRC Article(s):
Article 38: You have the right to protection and freedom from
war, children under 15 cannot be forced to go into the army and
take part in war
Article 17: All children have the right to information from TV,
radio, newspapers and the internet. These media should provide
information that children can understand.
Article 28: All children have the right to a primary education,
which should be free.
Article 31: Children have the right to relax and play, and to join in
a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities.
P4C Stimuli:
The Ancient Greek philosophers:
Aristotle – ‘Happiness depends upon ourselves.’ ‘The whole is
more than the sum of its parts.’
Plato – ‘Wise men speak because they have something to say;
fools because they have to say something.’ ‘Good actions give
strength to ourselves and inspire strength in others.’
Key Questions:
What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?
What is the relevance of this ancient history to us today?
How would my life be different/similar in Ancient Greece?
MFL: Greek influence in modern foreign languages
Music: Hampshire music Services
Community/International Involvement:
Using study of Ancient Greece and its empire, and where events
took place to further develop knowledge of world geography.
Sharing our learning with children in partner schools.
Inviting members of the local community to share in our learning.
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