Assignment: Atmosphere

Assignment: Atmosphere
Complete some additional research about the importance of atmosphere on our planet.
Some good places to start are:
You should also find and explore some sites of your own.
Assume that you have traveled to a strange new planet. When you get there you realize that there is no
atmosphere. There is nothing to protect life, support life or keep it warm.
Create and write a story to describe what life on this planet would be like.
Explain why would it be difficult for use to survive there.
Be sure to include all the concepts you’ve learned to support your story. Give evidence for why each is
needed for us to survive on Earth and why life as we know it would struggle to exist on this new world.
Cite the resources you used as evidence on a second page.
The story must be at least one page, double spaced, 12 pt font 1” margins.
Submit as a Word file.