CCLD 363 Distance Option Proposal

(This proposal should be 2-3 pages in length)
Course Description:
In this placement students continue to apply their knowledge and skills working with children who may have
identified disabilities. These placements are primarily inclusive settings, early childhood care and education
settings and primary classrooms. Students may also seek placements in specialized programs devoted to children
with specific exceptionalities. Students assess and focus on planning and implementing learning activities that are
developmentally appropriate and adapted specifically to address the child's extra support needs, and learning
styles. Developing supportive relationships with families, the community, and working with colleagues is also
Selected Course Objectives:
Complete a developmental profile of a young child using a range
of observation and recording methods
Plan and implement learning activities based on a child’s IPP/IEP
or developmental profile.
Embed individual program objectives into daily activities and
routines where possible.
Student #
Ryerson e-mail address:
Phone #:
Site Name:
Site Address:
Contact Person:
Contact Information:
Type of Setting (Describe):
Describe how this setting will allow you to satisfy the course objectives listed above:
Non-Academic Documentation
Prior to beginning field education courses all students must have up-to-date non academic
documentation (NAD) on file at the ECS office (clear criminal reference check, first aid/CPR,
TB test). What is the NAD criteria for this site? Describe your plans for meeting this criteria.
Professional Goals:
How will this placement help you meet the above goals?
Days and hours you will attend placement:
Student’s Signature:
NB: By submitting this form you acknowledge that you are responsible for the course by paying
its fees and attending your placement site for the prescribed weeks, days, and hours.