Cultural Identity Pecha Kucha (2)

Honors II – Pearson
Cultural Identity Pecha-Kucha Presentation
*You will have time to put together your presentations – if there are any digital pics or images that you
would like to use in your presentation, be sure to save them to a USB thumb-drive or email them to
yourself before class on Tuesday so you can work on your presentation. Using the computers in the
white lab will give you access to PowerPoint which will allow you to time your slides for 20 seconds
*All presentations must be shared with [email protected] before class on Tuesday (9/22) – we will
present from my email, and names will be drawn randomly for presentation order. Everyone who does
not present Tuesday will present Thursday, 9/24.
Explain your cultural identity in a 3-5 minute Pecha-Kucha presentation (9-15 slides / images)
which meets the criteria below.
Criteria (presentation must meet the following guidelines):
Include aspects of your culture that help convey your sense of identity.
Compare / contrast your sense of cultural identity to that of your parents, peers, and/or
strangers (parents and peers are required).
Describe a culture conflict – internal or external – and explain how your cultural identity
influences your perspective.
Use a particular cultural element (food, language, clothing , etc.) as a metaphor for your own
cultural identity and explain the connection you make.
The evidence within your presentation should be a ‘range of well-chosen, relevant, and
sufficient evidence’ which creates a ‘vivid sense of personal cultural identity’ (personal stories
about you – specific – times / places – people’s name – etc.).
Show us multiple symbols that may represent how you have many “stories” to your life.
You must turn in a written product that reflects the organization of your presentation (you can
use paragraph or bulleted format).
This project will worth 75 points (50 pts.: oral presentation / Pecha-kucha, 25 pts.: written
product (typed or bulleted notes).
Oral presentation:
o Speaks confidently and connects with the group (emphasize words/phrases, pause
when necessary, body language)
o Presents ideas clearly in a logical progression
o Reflects interest and enthusiasm for the topic