Lipid- AMP interactions studied by Langmuir blodgett and AFM
Vejledere: Leonid Gurevich and Peter Fojan
The first point of interaction of an Antimicrobial peptide is the outermost barrier of the microbes, their lipid
bilayer. The lipid bilayer will be due to interaction with an AMP change its structure and this in turn will
lead to a leaky cell wall structure. The leakiness of the cell wall will have cell death as a consequence.
During this project we will prepare an artificial mono – and bilayer structures and characterize their
structure with AFM. The interactions of AMPS with these structures will be studied on solid support with
AFM and SPR in liquid, as well as using compression curve techniques. The peptides that will be used are
helical peptides (e.g. crabrolin, melittin) or linear peptides (e.g. indolicidin). The peptide to be studied
needs to be synthesized.