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Baltimore City Public Schools
English for Speakers of Other Languages Program
Professional Translation and Interpretation Services
Updated: February 2013
If a parent who doesn’t speak or understand English needs to attend a Child Study Team or Individual Education
Plan meeting at your school, the following steps will help make sure that your school is following the federal rules
regarding the provision of access.
Due to the sensitive nature of these meetings, please be sure that the interpreter being used is competent in the
language needed. City Schools must provide a qualified interpreter. Volunteers or family members may be present
as advocates at the family’s request, but please do not allow volunteers or family members to be the sole interpreter.
Families are never to be asked to provide their own interpreter. Schools can always use the list of contractors
provided below for interpretation if you are unsure if an interpreter is sufficiently competent.
Find out what language the parent speaks.
Show the parent/guardian the Language Identification Chart (aka Language List) included in this Guide.
Give parents all required documents in both English and the identified language.
Federal IDEA related forms are also available on the TransACT website.
 Visit for forms.
 Temporarily you may use: The password is: languages
Use the list of contractors to set up the IEP meeting or other meeting times with the interpreter directly.
(The MD Court Approved List is also available for more certified interpreters.)
If a bilingual staff member is not available to assist with setting up the meeting, use the CTS Language
Link number (1-877-963-7466, account number 6060) to explain to parents the purpose of the meeting. Do
not use the telephonic services for entire IEP meeting unless all local interpreter resources have been
Request an invoice from your contractor to submit to Louise Fink ( or (410-3960775) for payment.
Schreiber Translations, Inc. has been awarded the
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