A PowerPoint presentation what an environmental


Training programme

The whole training is a combination of a teambuilding course and training courses:

“What is Environmental Interpretation?”

“How to advertise interpretation activities in newspapers and the mass media?”

“Interpretation activities for children”

“How can an interpreter make a small and cheap indoor or outdoor exhibition, booklets and information boards”

What kind of people are environmental interpreters?

Clever, educated nature science specialist,

good looking, dressed according to the weather conditions,

vigorous and fast,

good orator,

emotional and enthusiastic,

“armed” with the necessary tools and equipments,

always happy about visitors.

Environmental interpreter involves visitors in the educational and explorative activities,

encourages to know nature with the different senses: taste,

... touch,

... sight,

... hearing,

... smell.

Environmental interpreter amazes with unusual plants and nature phenomenon,

Environmental interpreter is active in many fields,

... joyful,

... talented,

... searching,

... brave.

Environmental interpreter is ready to work in any season,


... conditions.

Environmental interpreter is skilled to prepare booklets ,

... information boards,

... exhibitions.

Environmental interpreter offers appropriate activities for each target group.

Environmental interpreters happily meet each other in the annual meetings,

and take the picture together!