Projects in MENA3200 Energy Materials 2012

Projects in MENA3200 Energy Materials 2012
In the project you can either work individually or two together.
The project report should be 12 pages (for 2 writing together) and 10 pages for those who
will write the report alone (with font 12 and including figures).
It is important to emphasis that the project should address Energy MATERIALS.
Deadline for reports: Friday 23 November.
The project reports should be sent to both Bjørn Hauback ( and Truls
Norby ( by e-mail.
Below is a list of some possible titles/themes, but you can of course also choose other topics
(but it should be related to the topics in MENA3200).
When you have made your decision, please send the title and some keywords for your
projects (and names of who will work on it) to both of us for the final approval.
Solar Cell Materials
- New promising inorganic materials for photovoltaics
- Recent development of Si-based solar cell – materials issues
- Organic and polymeric photovoltaics – materials challenges
- Thin film solar cells – materials and performance
- Third generation solar cells systems – concepts and materials challenges
- How can nanotechnology influence development of a new generation of solar cells?
Materials for hydrogen technology
- Metal hydride batteries – principles and materials choices
- Hydrogen embattlement. (The principle and describe how this effect is important for
hydrogen gas systems and in particular H2-gas under rather high pressures. Remember to
focus on the materials)
- Hydrogen storage by adsorption – principles and choice of materials
- Hydrogen used for transportation – materials challenges
- Hydrogen selective membranes – principles and materials
- New concepts for hydrogen storage – materials challenges
- Hydrogen used for energy storage in stationary applications – materials challenges
- Going nano for storing hydrogen? (describe how this can modify both kinetics and
thermodynamics. Nanoconfinement is a keyword, and show examples of materials)
Fuel Cells, electrolysers, batteries
- The Hydrogen cars are coming. (How do they work, but remember to focus on the
materials; solutions and challenges)
- Can PEM fuel cells work without Pt as a catalyst?
- Recent developments of SOFCs
- Recent developments of PEM fuel cells
- Materials and chemistry in batteries for today's electrical and hybrid cars
- Na-ion batteries
- Steam electrolysis
- Hydrogen, electrolysers, and fuel cells as renewable energy buffer