June 17

Name: Tyre Robinson
Current Event Worksheet
Title of Article: Torrenrial rains hit south China, killing 25
Publication Source: CNN
Page # / Website URL:
Author: Helena Hong
Date of Publication (Must be within last week): June 17, 2011
1. WHO? (Who is involved? Who does/did the situation affect?) The people of south
China are involved.
2. WHAT? (What is happening? What did happen? What are the consequences? What is
your position on the issue?) Rain made floods, hundreds are missing and at least 25
3. WHEN? (When did or will this happen? When was it discovered?) This was
discovered June 17, 2011.
4. WHERE? (Where did or will this happen?) This happened in Southern China.
5. WHY? (Why did or will it happen? Why is it important? Why does it interest you?)
This happened because torrential rains occurred.
6. HOW? (How did it or will it happen? How much does it cost? How many people does
this affect? How does this situation affect you? How do you feel about this?) This affects
hundreds of thousands of people because a lot of them had to evacuate their homes and
25 were killed and 25 are missing.