Motivation Letter to Study Diploma Course in Global Health

Motivation Letter to Study Diploma Course in
Global Health
The Global Health Course is an international and multidisciplinary training program in Global
Health. It aims to train health professionals and students on the impacts of globalization on
health and other global-public issues. I am very enthusiastic to participate in this course that I
possess a pronounced interest in and zeal for global health matters, and hopes to make a positive
impact in these areas through this course.
First of all, global health involves both preventive measures and curative care. The strongest
emphasis within the course is on health in developing as well as developed countries and the
impact of globalization. This course includes theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part
will be run by the highly skilled national and international professionals, on relevant topics. As a
part of the practical aspect, both the national and international participants will be able to have
experiences with the different health sector stakeholders including the health ministry, NGOs
and INGOs of Nepal which will equip me with the paramount knowledge, skills and networks
that will give me the foundation that I need for a Future Unlimited. Learning from the experts;
working with peers who would share the same commitment in improving health of the people
and who are from different cultural background will help me to understand global public issues. I
strongly feel that this course will best prepare and teach me the necessary skills needed to
become a valuable contributor to the public health in my country.
Furthermore, I found the course will augment multidisciplinary approaches to public and global
health by bringing together perspectives and insights from a range of health and social sciences
in understanding and resolving the challenges of global health. The rapidly growing burden of
communicable and non communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries is
accelerated by the negative effects of globalization, rapid unplanned urbanization and
increasingly sedentary lives. All countries give rise to a emerging issues of public health burden
and are becoming the major causes of morbidity, disability and mortality globally. The global
interconnectedness of health problems that can be used to work through these challenges will be
a major theme running throughout the course that I wish to understand the broader and
interconnecting causes of many health problems from a global perspective.
Last but not the least, this course will provide me an academic avenue for professional
development, knowledge and comprehension of impact of globalization on health. An
examination of my own academic background in nursing, professional background in clinical
and academic areas, makes it apparent to me that Diploma course in Global Health will not only
give me a strong base to build my career foundation on, but also be a turning point in my life. I
look to pursue this course in order to refine my knowledge, experience and skills in my areas of
Urmila Shakya
interest and will be the most rational expansion of my academic pursuits and a major footstep
towards adding a new career ladder.
Urmila Shakya
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