2015 Feb Blood Safe Newsletter

Patient Blood Management
The “Patient Blood Management and Administration of Blood and Blood Products” Policy
Compliance Procedure has been revised and is on the PPG Directory on the intranet. Revisions
reflect the requirements for compliance to NSQHS National Standard 7.
National Blood Authority PBM Guidelines are freely available on-line or in hard
copy. 4 modules are available: 1) Critical Bleeding /Massive Transfusion, 2) Perioperative,
3) Medical, 4) Critical Care.
Module 5) Obstetrics and Maternity and Module 6) Paediatrics / Neonatal are yet to be
Link: http://blood.gov.au/pbm-guidelines
In 1930 in Russia, blood was first
successfully transfused from a
cadaver to a living recipient. Non
citrated blood was used and the rate
of transfusion reactions was 5%.
Over the next 28 years, in Russia, 25
tonnes of cadaver blood was used to
meet 70% of one clinic’s needs.
Although the use of cadaveric blood
did not catch on in the rest of the
world, its use helped in development
of methods of collection, preservation
and storage of blood for transfusion.