Animal EPD Activity - ePortfolio: Karen Roudabush

Making Breeding Decisions
Imagine that you are making a breeding decision for a seedstock Hereford producer. Your boss wants you
to breed
BOYD KAREN 3007 (P42362236)
Go to and click “Guest” to get started. It will take you to a page that will allow
you to search information for the animals you could pair in mating.
You must select one of the following bulls to breed by Artificial Insemination.
UPS DOMINO 3027 AHA 42426386 (ABS Global has semen)
HUTH LAGRAND CLASS ACT S037 AHA 42728861 (ABS Global has semen)
552 ACHIEVEMENT 6138 ET (Genex has semen)
MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R (Genex has seemen)
Once you have evaluated these animals, please answer the following questions:
1. What traits did you decide you needed to improve when evaluating the dam? Why?
2. Which bull did you select for this mating?
3. What traits did the bull possess that made you decide on this bull?
4. If semen from this bull is unavailable, which bull would you choose as your second choice? Why?
5. What might be some downfalls of selecting your first choice bull?
6. What might be some downfalls of selecting your second choice bull?
7. When looking at the dam and sires pedigrees, did you find any concerns?
8. Extra Credit: Find the cost of the semen for the first choice bull you have selected. Approximately
how much would it cost for you to breed this dam to this bull? (Take in to account if there is a
minimum number of straws you must purchase, rate of conception, etc.)