Director, Curriculum Development and

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Incumbent(s) Name (if applicable): Robbyn Tolles
Position #(s): 16928
Current Title: Director, Curriculum Assessment and
Current Range: 3
Development (JCC: 67325)
Department: Office of Medical Education
College/Division: University of Nevada School
of Medicine / Div of Health Sciences
Account #(s): 1108-119-2501
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Pos #(s): 16928
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Approved Title: Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment
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Position Description – Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment
Page 2
1. Summary Statement: State the major function(s) of the position and its role in the
university. Attach an organizational chart with positions, ranges, and names for the division
which reflects the position in it as well as those supervised in the department. (This section is
used for advertisement of the position.)
The Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment, reports to the Associate Dean of Medical
Education and collaborates on curriculum review and development with Office of Medical Education
(OME) and University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) faculty, staff, and students. The
position directs the ongoing process of curricular review and improvement through development,
assessment, and review of medical school course curriculum. The individual coordinates information
and activities necessary to the function of OME and for oversight of the medical school curriculum so
that decisions made by the deans and faculty result in continuous improvement in teaching
methodologies, promote effective learning, and meet the criteria set by the national accreditation
board (Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). This position also maintains and manages
all curricular database information.
2. List the major responsibilities, including percentage of time devoted to each. Provide
enough detail to enable a person outside the department to understand the job (percentage
first with heading and then bulleted information).
60% - UNSOM Curricular Development, Improvement, and Review Process
 Plan, facilitate, and implement the processes of curricular development, assessment and
regular review with the Associate/Assistant Deans for Medical Education
 Conduct reviews of all academic courses to determine if content is topical, clinically relevant,
pertinent, uses appropriate learning methodology and meets requirements of LCME
 Represent the Office of Medical Education in curricular planning groups and identify issues
with University policy and practice
 Acts as a liaison between groups to resolve curricular issues and guide and support groups
in the curricular planning process
 Research trends, best practices, and pedagogy and provide information to Associate Dean
and faculty
 Prepare and edit documents for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) LCME
accreditation and annual reports
 Ensure UNSOM’s adherence and compliance to Nevada System of Higher Education
(NSHE), Board of Regents, University, and UNSOM’s standard course management and
syllabi procedures
 Document curricular restructuring and assessment process and inform UNSOM stakeholders
 Assess student preparedness for clerkship in collaboration with the Year 3-4 Clerkship
Coordinators and the Director of Evaluation and Assessment .
 Evaluate student outcomes of curricular change as a member of the Curricular Evaluation
 Develop and refine policy related to UNSOM Medical Education Program
25% - Medical Education Curriculum Database and Processes
 Manage internal medical education databases for OME including: what type of database is
appropriate, what information should be entered, the level of information, and how the
information should be gathered from teaching faculty and students
 Maintain an electronic record of UNSOM’s curricular information as required by the LCME and
monitor changes in the curriculum through database reporting
 Generate and submit institutional reports, publications, and presentations for OME to
appropriate sources
Position Description – Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment
Page 3
Collaborate with the OME Associate/Assistant Deans, UNSOM deans and faculty with drafting
and editing reports, accreditation documents, research proposals, scientific publications and
Communicate changes by writing and editing curriculum documents and coordinate curricular
materials on the OME websites (e.g.., “Coordinator’s Handbook,” OME sections of the
“Student Handbook,” and the “UNR Course Catalog”, etc.)
Create instructional documents, reports, publications and presentations.
Evaluate current standards and processes and develop and implement changes to improve
management and communication operations for OME
Create surveys as needed to provide information related to curriculum review process
Participate in CQI activities related to syllabi, course content and curriculum review
15% - Special Programs and Advising
 Oversee development of curricular programming for UNSOM scholarly concentrations by
discipline and dual degree programs
 Oversee and develop clinical and translational research opportunities in collaboration with the
Office of Medical Research
 Act as the UNSOM point of contact for special programs
 Track student participation and outcomes in the programs
 Prepare annual reports for the Curriculum Committees concerning student interest, application
status, and success with the programs
 Organize recruitment sessions for Special Programs for medical students
 Advise students concerning scholarly concentration and dual degree programs
 Program Grant writing to expand resources for Special Programs
3. Describe the level of freedom to take action and make decisions with or without
supervision and how the results of the work performed impact the department, division and/or
the university as a whole.
Level of Freedom:
The individual is given wide latitude in creating the database structures that support the curricular
development, review and improvement process. The database must be current and available for
planning, monitoring and reporting purposes. The individual works closely with the Associate Dean on
decisions associated with the position, but must work independently, with initiative in conflict
resolution and best practices research, and with some autonomy in decision-making regarding the
overall review process.
Decisions made during the process of curricular review and improvement affect the quality and
consistency of medical education curriculum for teaching success of faculty and progression and
academic success of students. The curriculum review process used for change and ultimately the
creation of new curriculum are critical elements to the mission of UNSOM and imperative for
compliance with LCME accreditation standards and excellence for medical education. Presentations
at local, regional and national conferences, grant proposals and potential scholarly publications
furthers the opportunity for the Office of Medical Education, UNSOM, and University of Nevada to
contribute to the knowledge base of medical education. Accurate database management provides
access to information upon which sound curricular decisions can be made. If the curriculum review
and subsequent reporting is not completed in an efficient and timely manner, it would affect students’
success, the functioning of the MESC and UNSOM accreditation compliance. The position has a
direct impact on the perception and reputation of the University and UNSOM.
Position Description – Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment
Page 4
4. Describe the knowledge, skills (to include cognitive requirement and verbal and written
communication), and abilities (to include task complexity, problem solving, creativity and
innovation) essential to successful performance of this job (in bullet format).
Knowledge of:
 Curriculum, adult learning theory, and effective teaching and learning methodologies for
medical education
 Quality improvement strategies
 Educational program evaluation
 Grant submission process
 LCME medical school accreditation information and processes
 Federal law as related to position, i.e., Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
 Excellent verbal and written communication necessary for making presentations and for
collecting information, generating reports, and writing for the newsletter and recommending
program improvements
 Excellent project and meeting organization and management skills
 Interpersonal and human relations skills to interact with all levels of medical school personnel
 Proficiency in use of a personal computer and current software applications including but not
limited to Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and email) to include
internet searching and basic statistical analysis and database management
 Use of national medical school curriculum website
 Decision-making and problem-solving skills
 Conflict resolution
Ability to:
 Act with professionalism and tact when dealing with students and staff
 Maintain confidentiality of information
 Be inclusive of diverse viewpoints and stakeholders
 Contribute to the UNSOM commitment of institutional diversity
 Be sensitive to disabilities and cultural and ethnic diversity issues
 Understand and interpret formalized policies, guidelines, rules, and regulations
 Work independently and as a collaborative team member
5. Describe the type of personal contacts encountered in performing the duties of the job.
Explain the nature and purpose of these contacts: i.e., to provide services, to resolve
problems, to negotiate.
UNSOM administration
Reason for Contact
To collaborate on shared activities and distribution of curricular
information to improve efficiency and avoid duplication of effort;
plan and lead student orientation and recruitment events for
participation in UNSOM Scholarly Concentration and Dual
Degree programs; maintain document tracking for student
program participation; identify faculty needs for development and
recommend programs for training; collaborate on assembling
information needed for the Student Research Database and
Academic Student Affairs (ASA) Website and collaborate on
gathering information about basic science teaching and research
for LCME reports; assist with policy writing and
Position Description – Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment
Associate Dean for Academic
Affairs in Las Vegas
UNSOM and OME Faculty,
staff, and students
Medical Education Steering
Committee and Curriculum
Coordinators’ Committees
Curricular Block Planning
Classified Staff
Association of American
Medical Colleges (AAMC),
Western Group on Educational
Affairs (WGEA) and other
appropriate medical education
Page 5
editing/formatting; and create informational documents and data
To coordinate and facilitate curriculum related activities for Year
3 and 4 faculty
To evaluate medical school curriculum and problem solve for
improvement, ensure LCME compliance, and discuss and
disseminate changes in content and course methodologies
To insure accuracy of course/clerkship information in the medical
school database; support teaching faculty by providing feedback
and reports generated from the database; advise faculty
members concerning syllabus preparation; present and
disseminate information to groups and meetings concerning
curricular issues; discuss educational grant/research proposals
and papers; and gather information for accreditation documents
and DHS Courses and Curriculum Committee submissions
To regularly update committee members on medical education
issues and respond to inquiries for information. Provide regular
To act as a liaison between groups for continuity in process and
structure and to recommend curricular activities and topics
necessary for a balanced curriculum and LCME compliance
To communicate clearly in order to assist with the smooth
functioning of the OME
Reason for Contact
To represent UNSOM and support collegiality between medical
institutions; present UNSOM medical education projects;
participate in multi-institution efforts as invited
6. Indicate the minimum qualifications which are necessary in filling this position should it
become vacant. Please keep in mind the duties/responsibilities of the position rather than the
qualifications of the incumbent.
Minimum educational level, including appropriate field, if any.
Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution with emphasis or major in education,
medical education, health education, or related field
Minimum type and amount of work experience, in addition to the above required
education necessary for a person entering this position.
Bachelor’s Degree and four years, or a Master’s Degree and two years, of experience
in the field of medical education, teaching or administration at the post-secondary or
professional education level
Preferred Licenses or Certifications: None
Indicate any license or certificate required for this position.