Time Capsule Book Report Project

Time Capsule Book Report Project
Name _______________________# ____ Due Date:_____________________
Imagine that the main character(s) of your book made a time capsule to
let future generations know about his or her life. What would this person
include? For this project, you will create a time capsule and write a brief
description of each item inside.
Materials: Shoe box, white construction paper, 3/5 index cards
(provided), markers or colored pencils, at least 5 objects – real objects
or drawings (no computer pictures).
1. Find a biography that interests you, and is at least 100-150 pages.
2. Have your book approved by your teacher by __________________.
Book Title: __________________________________________
Author: _____________________________________________
3. Look through your book to help you remember objects that were
important to the story. Come up with a list of 5 objects representing
important people, places, objects, and events in the person’s life.
List at least five objects below.
a. __________________________________________
b. __________________________________________
c. __________________________________________
d. __________________________________________
e. __________________________________________
4. Imagine that you are that person and you are creating a time capsule.
Refer to #3 to give you ideas about the objects you might include.
5. The objects you choose can represent the people, places, and events
that were important to the person. They can also represent the
person’s interests or aspects of his or her personality. You may
include actual objects or drawings of them if the objects are
unavailable. Include at least five objects or drawings.
6. For each item, write a short paragraph (2-3 sentences) from the
character’s point of view about why you included it. Write each
explanation on a 3x5 index card (provided) and attach it to the
appropriate object.
7. Decorate a shoe box in a way that represents the subject of your
biography. You might cover it in paper, draw on it, or glue pictures
on it like a collage
8. Write the title, author, and your name on the box.
9. Write a paragraph summary (at least 5 sentences) about your book.
Include the main characters (who is the story about), setting (where
did it take place), plot (what happened), and any conflict (problems
that the characters had to overcome) in the story. This can be typed
12. Your time capsule and this paper are due ________________________.