M4 Fundamental English
S What is a ROUTINE?
S What tense do you use to talk about ROUTINES?
S Explain YOUR routine. Write 5 sentences.
S Write 5 QUESTIONS about someone else’s routine.
Answer them!
S When do you use “PRESENT CONTINUOUS” tense?
S Your best friend calls you from her year studying abroad in
America. Write your conversation:
S Ask her questions about her life.
S Use present continuous!
Examples: “Are you meeting a lot of nice people?”
“What are you learning in math class?”
S Past continuous
(s + was/were + v-ing)
Something that happened for a long time in the past
S Past simple
(s + v2)
ONE event!
While I was eating breakfast, I bit my tongue.
She crashed her car while she was driving to work.
S He ____________ (walk) down the street when he saw two cars
____________ (crash)!
S While I ____________ (eat) dinner, I ____________ (bite) my
S The teacher ____________ (come) into the room while the
students ____________ (copy) their homework!
S We ____________ (use) the computer when it ____________
S The thief ____________ (rob) the bank when the police
____________ (arrive).
S Write three sentences to describe each of these celebrations
in Thailand:
S Loi Kratong
S Songkhran
S Wedding
S Wai Kru Day
Example: On Songkhran, people wear clothes that can get wet,
because people throw water on each other all day.
Time Capsule
Nai's Problem: I don't have legs so I can't walk.
S Nib's Advice:
S 1. You should relax.
S 2. You can't do anything about this so forget it.
S 3. You should find plastic legs.
Time Capsule
S Bam's Problem: I am not beautiful so I can't find a boyfriend
S Put's Advice:
S 1. You should have an operation.
S 2. You should find a boyfriend.
S 3. You should buy boyfriend.
Time Capsule
S Nat's Problem: I can't do my homework because I don't
have a pen.
S Bam's Advice:
S 1. You should use a pencil.
S 2. You should sell your house to get money to buy pens.
S 3. You should borrow Kru Ally's pen.
Time Capsule
S Pop's Problem: I don't have hair so it is so hot.
S Phet's Advice:
S 1. You could wear a hat.
S 2. You should stay at home.
S 3. You could buy not real hair.
Time Capsule
S Bam's Problem: I have a little bust, so when I wear a shirt it
looks small.
S Praew's Advice:
S 1. You should go to doctor.
S 2. You could fill silicone.
S 3. You could eat drugs.
Time Capsule
S Phet's Problem: I want to steal money from the bank, but
the police will catch me.
S Win's Advice:
S 1. You should ask your father how to steal money.
S 2. You might disguise to be a police and hide to kill other
S 3. You could wear a chicken suit and kill a security guard
then dance in front of the bank.
Time Capsule
S Kato's Problem: I don't have a house so my girlfriends have
no where to live.
S Nat's Advice:
S 1. You should find a job to get money to buy a house.
S 2. You should borrow someone’s house
S 3. You should take your girlfriends to live at temple.
S Use modal verbs (can, shouldn’t, must, etc.) to
give advice for these situations:
My sister just had a baby!
I’ve been invited to a wedding!
My brother is graduating from university!
My best friend won the football
S I’m going to a birthday party tomorrow.
S Lifestyles
S Heroes
S Celebration
S Eat vegetarian
S Aggressive
S Birth of a baby
S Go for walks
S Arrogant
S Passing driving test
S Grow plants
S Ambitious
S Retirement
S Have a pet
S Cruel
S Sports victory
S Recycle
S Brave
S Winning a prize
S Exercise
S Decisive
S First job/salary
S Spend time outside
S Evil
S Bride
S Proud
S Groom
S Wise
S Best man
S Hard-working
S Bridesmaid
S Present Simple – do/does
S Where do you study every day?
S What do you like to eat for breakfast?
S Who does she hate?
S Where does your mom work?
S When do you wake up in the morning?
S Why don’t you do your homework?
S Who don’t you want to invite to your party?
S Present Simple
S I like eggs.
S She doesn’t come to school on time.
S My brother watches horror movies.
S I have 2 dogs and one cat.
S He goes to sleep at 10 o’clock every night.
S I study extra class in Bangkok.
S Present Continuous – Is/Are + -ing
S Where are you going?
S When is she coming to Thailand?
S Who are you playing football with?
S What are you learning in science class?
S Why is he sleeping in class?
S Where is your family going on vacation?
S Present Continuous
S I am going home.
S She’s playing the piano.
S We’re ordering pizza.
S Mr. X and Mr. Y are not coming to my party.
S It’s not working.
S The teacher is reviewing for exams this week.
S Past Simple – DID
S Did you come to school yesterday?
S Did you watch the basketball competition?
S Where did you go on your last vacation?
S When did you wake up this morning?
S How did you learn to speak English so well?
S Who did you hang out with after school?
S Past Simple
S I went to Egypt.
S I practiced football for 10 years.
S I studied math last night.
S She didn’t feel sick yesterday.
S We saw a movie last weekend.
S We didn’t like the movie.
S Past Continuous
S Who were you talking to on the phone?
S What were studying last night?
S How long was he playing games for last night?
S Who was hanging out with you yesterday?
S Past Continuous
S Kru Brett was teaching us last period.
S We were learning about something confusing.
S I was drinking coffee.
S She was sleeping for 10 hours.
S They weren’t playing football last night.