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Lightning Jack
Glenda Millard and Patricia Mullins
1. Create a list of words that you associate with horses and horse riding. Fill in the table below with
your words. The words should describe: horses and aspects of horse riding, how it felt, equipment
used, sights, sounds and smells.
Horses and Horse Riding (nouns)
Describing words
2. Use your words from above to create a Wordle - , Tagul , Tagxedo -, ABCYA Word Clouds or Worditout - . Instructions on
how to use Wordle are here: Instructions on how
to use Tagxedo are here:
Capture your image and add it to this document.
3. Use Library Enquiry to find the answers to the following:
a. Use the Subjects tab, type Horses. How many books does the Library have?
b. Click on Horses. What is the Nonfiction Dewey number for books about horses?
c. Click on the first book, 100 Things you should Know about Horses and Ponies. When was the book
written? Who is the author? Does it have any coloured pictures in it? How many copies does the
Library have of it?
d. Click on the Back arrow twice. Click on Horse Riding. How many books do we have on Horse
e. What is the name of the most recent book published?
f. What are the two Dewey numbers for nonfiction books about horse riding?
g. Which book is in the Premier’s Reading Challenge?
h. Click on that book. What level is it for – Kindergarten to Year2; Year 3 to Year 4; Year 5 to year 6:
Year 7 to Year 9? (There may be more than one answer)
How many pages in this book?
j. From the information under Genre, who is the author – what jobs has she had?
k. Is the book suitable for beginner horse riders?
Name: ………………………………………….
4. Lightning Jack has historical references to real and mythical characters. Research one of these: Ned
Kelly - , Pegasus or Phar Lap . Answer these questions for the person/myth
you chose:
a. What nationality was the historical/mythical figure?
b. When did they exist/occur?
c. How were they important historically – what are they known for?
d. Why do you think Glenda Millard would choose to include them in her story?
e. Present your information in your program of choice – eg – Voki, Glogster, PowerPoint,
Animoto, Prezi or Smore. Add the link to your presentation to this document.
5. Read 3 reviews about the book from this site:
a. Who does Toni Whitmont think the book is suitable for? Who would you recommend read this
b. What does Sally Murphy think about the illustrations? Do you agree? What stands out in your
mind about the illustrations?
c. What does Pat Pledger think about the book? What do you think about the use of verse and
collage? Does it work?
6. Listen to this oral reading of The Man From Snowy River by Banjo Patterson and
compare the theme of the poem to the part of Lightning Jack when Sam rounds up the steers. Is
the story similar? In what ways?
Are there any language features that are common to both examples of verse?
7. Investigate the tissue paper collage technique - that Patricia Mullins uses to
illustrate Lightning Jack. Discuss Patricia’s choice of media – why she chose this method of
illustration. What does this method involve? Do you think it is effective? Why?
8. Add a picture of the cover, the author and the illustrator. Add some picture effects to your 3
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