At Diamond Construction Inc, we fulfill our client’s building dreams and needs through our
positive attitude, quiet confidence in our quality, craftsmanship and innovation, while
challenging all of us to grow and learn from our tasks.
As a full service General Contractor:
We are committed to forming long term relationships with our clients, employees and
We are a team of highly motivated and talented professionals whose success in our endeavors
we credit to our win/win approach to problem solving.
Our company is built upon a foundation of integrity, honesty, fairness, patience and respect.
We are striving to be an example of leadership in our field by constantly working to be
consistent in our policies and true to our principles.
We choose to work and associate with quality minded subcontractors, suppliers, architects
and engineers and treat them as valued members of the construction team.
As builders, we dedicate ourselves to excellence in service to our clients, craftsmanship of
enduring quality and on time service every time.
We believe providing the best service possible begins with listening and understanding the
needs and goals of our clients.
By sharing expertise and ideas, we realize new possibilities and options as a team.
As an employer:
We view all of our employees/team members as building professionals.
We seek to hire career minded individuals who maintain a positive attitude and who value the
construction industry.
We want to build long term relationships with our employees based on trust, respect, fairness
and support. Each employee is challenged to grow personally and to improve his or her skills.
We encourage diversity and acknowledge that each employee/team member is a unique
individual and they are valued for their own particular gifts.
We will communicate to our team members how their roles contribute to the work and
success of Diamond Construction Inc. as a whole, because all of us are better than any one of
We will create a positive working environment that is consistent with our beliefs and values
of clear expectations, mutual respect, trust, teamwork, cooperation not confrontation, honesty
and integrity.
We will maintain a safe and drug free work environment.
We will eliminate waste of human talent by overcoming barriers to efficiency.
We will improve the process, not blame the people.
We will help our team members continuously improve their lives and achieve their potential.
We are committed to preserving our greatest asset - our team members.
As members of our community:
We will strive to be role models for others by standing firm on our principles, meeting our
commitments and sharing our success with others.
We seek opportunities to participate in our community’s growth, activities and charity events
to improve the quality of life for all.
We will contribute to the health of our community, knowing that the condition of our
community directly affects our lives and our business.
1. Quality: To consistently provide a quality product to our customers by utilizing proven
techniques and cutting edge technology, always striving for improvement.
2. Success: To sustain long term profitability as a company, while always dealing with
integrity, honesty and respect. To provide for our team members full time employment, fair
wages, career opportunities and training, benefits, security and support.
3. Growth: To grow with ever changing technology and meet every new challenge as an
opportunity and not as a problem. To promote and support the growth of every team
member, as every player is an asset to the team.
4. Relationships: To build long term relationships with team members and associates in our
community who hold similar values and standards of excellence. To be a role model,
accountable and open for evaluation as well as having high expectations of individual and
team character.
5. Safety: To foster a deep sense of responsibility for safety. To promote the concept that
safety is everyone’s job and we are responsible for our own safety and the safety of those
around us. To empower all team members to recognize and correct safety concerns.
6. Environmental Responsibility: To recognize that building materials represent a significant
impact on our environment. To use materials efficiently and wisely, decrease waste, dispose
of waste correctly, and acknowledge our responsibility in maintaining our environment.
7. Delivery System: We are committed to streamlining our project delivery system and
creating an atmosphere of mutual respect for all stages of a project; from design, value
engineering, construction and owner occupation. By keeping our final sights on the big
picture of client service, we can complete all of the individual tasks required for a successful
8. Communication: We recognize that accurate and timely communication is essential to the
success of our business. We will constantly strive to improve our internal and external
communication methods to eliminate waste, improve job satisfaction, and allow us to sustain
our desire to grow.