Landforms Vocabulary Answer key

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What are landforms?
What are some of Georgia’s landforms?
Earth science
A natural land shape or feature
2. Desposition
a process of dumping
sediment, dirt, rocks, or
particles in on place.
3. Earthquakes
Caused by movements in
Earth’s crust that releases
energy and shakes the ground
4. Divergent
two tectonic plates that are
moving away from each other
5. Convergent
Tectonic plates move toward
one another and collide
6. Transform
Tectonic plates slide pass
each other
7. Volcanoes
Mountains of lava and ash
8. Lava
Molten rock that comes out of
volcanoes during an eruption
9. Magma
Molten rock that forms beneath
Earth’s surface
10. Mountains
Formed when tectonic plates
that makes up Earth’s crust
push upward, fold, or crack.
11. Sand Dunes
A hill of sand, made and
shaped by wind
12. Delta
New land
13. Beaches
an area of sand or pebbles
along a shore
14. Barrier
A long, narrow sand island that
is parallel to the mainland and
serves to protect the coast
from erosion
15. Moraine
A deposit of material left on the
ground by a glacier
Destructive process
16. Canyon
Deep valley with steep sides
often made by rushing rivers;
but not ALL are made by rivers
17. valley
An elongated lowland between
ranges of mountains, hills, or
other uplands, often having a
river or stream running along
the bottom.
18. erosion
Movement of rock from one
place to another
19. weathering
The breaking down of rock
20. sinkhole
an underground cave that
Human intervention
21. dam
a structure built across a river
to control its flow
22. levee
A wall built to prevent a river
from overflowing or causing a
23. Contour
method in which farmers plow
across the sided of hill instead
of down
24. jetty
a man-made wall that sticks
out into the ocean to stop
25. terracing
the planting of corps on
terraces (steps) built into steep
26. Beach
sand from ocean or nearby
rivers are pumped onto the
beach to prevent beach