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Notes of Meeting held at the Revival Centre, Lincoln –
17th March 12.00 am – 2.00pm
Present: Joss (in the Chair), Stephen, Sarah, Mike, Gary, David, Vernon
Apologies received from: Alice, Richard , Sandy
Notes compiled by: Stephen
Decisions made
1. That going forward we would keep a note of group meetings in the form for’
Decisions made’ and ‘Actions that present agreed to undertake’. In addition the note
taker would put together a summary Blog post giving a flavour of the discussions
which had taken place at the meeting. The latter would enable those who did not
attend to bring themselves up to speed with the developing thinking of the group and
would act as a running record of collective thoughts and feelings of the SSC
2. That going forward the agendas for group meetings would have the following
standing items: Updates re Actions from the last meeting; Finance report;
Membership matters; Self-organisation; publicity and communications; Deliberations
around the following key words which are the foundation stones of the work of the
SSC: Free; Co-operative; Higher; Education. Other agenda items would be decided
at the start of each meeting.
Actions that those present agreed to undertake
1. Membership Matters
a. Mike to re- send email to those on record as SSC members re their membership
b. Joss agreed at act as membership secretary
c. Joss agreed to contact the new person living in Sheffield who wished to become
a member and invite her to the Public Lecturer
d. Stephen to send Financial Report to Joss for uploading onto the website
2. 27th March – Public Lecture
a. Mike will contact members re scheduling meetings with Prof Alaistair Bonnett
to talk about the work of the SSC
b. Joss to introduce Prof AB
c. Mike agree to facilitate the post input discussion
3. 11th May – AGM
a. David, Sarah, Mike to meet together to form a plan for the day
b. Sarah to confirm that Joel is able to attend and make an input
c. Mike to confirm that Mike Ward is able to attend and make an input
d. Mike will invite his contacts in the co-op to attend plus an invitation to make
an input
4. Next Meeting
a. Sarah agreed to facilitate a discussion around ethical protocols
5. IT Matters
a. Joss to improve the navigation links between the project sections of the
website ie between the Our Place our Priorities and the Lincoln Framework
6. Actions from Gary’s contribution re the focus of his Ph.D research and the
potential links to the SSC
a. Mike, Stephen and Gary to more forward the ‘outreach’ work possibility
linked to the St Giles Estate, Lincoln.
b. Gary to input into a future SSC meeting re his visit to Brighton to explore the
alternative HE provision
c. Joss to liaise with Gary to produce a ‘map’ of alternative HE provision
across the country
d. Sarah to work with David to explore how the SSC can gather a research
base of how alternative HE groups across the country work.
e. Gary to send David the key interview questions that he will be using to focus
his visit to Brighton.
f. Joss to explore further the requirements of open Ph.Ds and to bring findings
and thoughts to a meeting of the SSC