2 - Mental Illness Formative Presentations

Psychology and Social Change – Mental Illness and Abnormal Behaviour
Formative – Skill Development: Presentation Style and Skills
You have been given a slip of paper that has:
1. A category of mental illness according to the Manual of Mental Illness – DSM-V and
2. A topic to research and find information about related to your category of mental illness
The 5 categories are: Personality Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenic Disorders, Mood Disorders,
Substance-Related Disorders
The topics are: Types of Disorders in the Category + Common Symptoms, Causes, Impacts on the Brain, Treatments,
Case Study
Your task is the following:
 Research the related topic to your category using credible sources
 Provide a Reference List for all the sources you use, including visual information
 Create a PowerPoint that has NO MORE than 2 slides of information (not including references) the summarizes
your information
 You must be able to present the information in your own words – make sure the slides are not overwhelmed
with information
 You must email the PowerPoint presentation to me by: _________________________________________
 My email is Cindy.Smukavich@wcdsb.ca
 You will be presenting the information to the class - make sure you are familiar with the content.
Success Criteria:
I provided information based on the topic and category assigned
I summarized the main points of the necessary information (significance)
I included the main ideas of the information on the PowerPoint slides
I did not use any more than 2 slides of information
I created an APA reference list based on all the information I used – written and visual
I explained the information in details – in my own words – showing my knowledge of the topic
I emailed my information by the due date
Presentation success criteria –
o voice projection, eye contact, posture, paraphrased the information, confident about my knowledge of
the material, formal language, presentation slides clear and concise
Success Criteria
Summarized Important Information
PowerPoint included main points of information in no
more than 2 slides
Presentation success criteria
Reference List – credible sources, format
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Level 2
Level 3
Level 4