Are they sick or are they not sick - GCA Nurse

Are they sick or are they not sick?
That is the question most parents often face during the winter months. If you need to know if they are too
sick to go to school, please continue reading.
Below you will find some guidelines on what to look for when deciding whether or not to send your child to
 Vomiting: Vomiting more than once in 24 hours-Stay home. Don’t return to normal activity until at least 24
hours after the last episode.
 Diarrhea: Three or more loose stools in 24 hours-Stay home. It’s common for diarrhea to last up to two
weeks until fully resolved. Children should stay home until it has decreased to no more than twice per day
and the child is having no accidents.
 Fever: Fevers of 100 degrees or greater-Stay home. Remain home until
fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine.
 Eye Infections: Crusty, itchy, red, or pus draining from the eye-Stay home and consult your Physician.
 Rashes: Stay home and see a Physician if accompanied with itchiness or fever.
 Sore Throat: Swollen glands with fever-Stay home. Sore throat with swollen glands without fever can
sometimes be a sign of a cold.
 Lice: We have a no nit policy. If active lice or nits are discovered during the school day, parents will be
Note: Dehydration can develop rapidly in small children. Whenever they have any of the above symptoms,
please give them plenty of fluids and consult your Physician.
Jennifer Teike, RN
School Nurse
Greenwood Christian Academy