Treatment plan for Bee Stings and allergic reactions


Treatment plan for Bee stings and allergic reactions

Many dog owners are reporting insect stings this year, so we have some suggestions for you to be prepared if this happens to your dog.

Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is a safe antihistamine to give to your dog to alleviate symptoms from a bee sting.

In general the dosage to give is 1 mg per pound. Give this either once or repeated in 8-12 hours if needed. The drug mostly comes in 25 mg capsules or tablets. The liquid (pediatric) formulation is also available, and that is 12.5 mg per teaspoon or 5 cc if you have a syringe available.

Dosages would then be:

Dogs: 5-10 lbs.- 2-4 cc of the pediatric formula (1/2 – ¾ tsp)

10-20 lbs.- 5-10 cc of pediatric formulation (1-2 tsp)

20- 30 lbs.- 1 tablet or capsule (25 mg)

30-40 lbs.- 1 ½ tablets or capsule

40-50 lbs.- 1 ½ - 2 tablets or capsule

50-60 lbs.- 2 tablets or capsules

60-70 lbs.- 2 ½ - 3 tablets or capsules

70 + lbs.- 3 tablets or capsules

If there is swelling around the throat or if you can tell soon after the sting that there is breathing issues then it is an emergency situation and you need to get help from a veterinarian immediately.