Georgia Draft Horse Association, Inc.
Presents the
Annual Spring Draft Horse Show
May 30, 2015
Tri-State Exhibition Center
(Bess Neil Memorial Arena)
200 Natures Trail SW
McDonald TN 37353
Judge: Samantha Barratiere
Ringmaster: Richard Edgerton
Announcer: Dallas C. Eubanks
Show Chairman: Brittany Edgerton
Co-Chair: Crystal Mitchell
Bookkeeper: Casei Stack
Photographer: Jill Monroe
1. HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: Each horse must have a Negative Coggins test within 12 months of
the show date. If coming out of state an Interstate Health Certificate must meet the requirements of the
State of Tennessee.
2. PROPER DRESS: Exhibitors as well as helpers will be required to be in proper show dress while in
the show ring. NO BLUE JEANS or SHORTS, with exception of the western riding class.
3. JUNIOR DRIVERS: must be accompanied by an adult in all Junior Driving Classes. Junior drivers
can ride along in the open driving classes but cannot drive.
4. YOUTH under 16 years of age are NOT allowed to show in any Halter Classes except Youth
5. OBSTACLE COURSES and Rules will be available when signing for those classes and will be
posted. NOTE: These classes are open to all youth capable of safely completing the course.
6. SPORTSMANSHIP: Any exhibitor not displaying a sportsman-like conduct will be disqualified from
the show.
7. BE ON TIME for each class you have entered. If you wish to withdraw from a class, please let the
Ringmaster and/or the Bookkeeper know in advance so the class will not be held up. (NOTE: NO refund
of class fees)
8. No mature stallions allowed in any youth classes.
9. Experienced youth, 12 years & older will be allowed in Open and W/T/C under saddle classes.
10. LIABILITY: The Georgia Draft Horse Association & Tri-State Exhibition Center, specifically,
jointly or severally, assume no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any damages or injuries to animal
or person and/or loss of equipment. Exhibitors are responsible for the behavior of their animals. Unruly
animals may be dismissed.
11. TRI-STATE RULES: Pease read ALL 33 Rules & Regulations as it is required by Tri-State that you
sign and return with your Entry Form to participate in the show. NOTE: This form is included in your
show packet. If you do not have this form, please let the Chairman or Co-Chair know immediately.
12. In the OPEN classes, safe passing will be allowed when needed as to not hold up the other exhibitors.
This will NOT be allowed in the youth driving and amateur driving classes. No passing while reversing
directions in driving classes.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jill Monroe will once again be in the ring taking pictures - see her for any special
shots. Visit her on the web: to view proofs and purchase photos. Some
proofs may still be available from last year's show. Just check with Jill.
DIRECTIONS: Take I-75 North towards Knoxville, Exit 20, take a left, pass the gas stations and movie
theater. At the 4- way stop, go straight. Enter the Tri-State Exhibition Center on the right. Located 1 mile
off I-75. Overnight exhibitors campground $20 per night (power, water & dump station) or several motels
within 5 miles of the arena.
WARNING: Under Tennessee Law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an
injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine
activities, pursuant to the Tennessee Code Annotated Title 44, Chapter 20.
Georgia Draft Horse Spring Show Class Divisions:
HD : Heavy Draft * Purebred Belgians, Clydesdales,Percherons and Shires
LD : Light Draft* Draft Pony, draft crosses, or other draft breed
OPEN class indicates BOTH HD and LD will be allowed to enter
(Check with show chairman for questions regarding eligibility)
W/T means it is a walk/trot class
W/T/C means it is a walk/trot/canter class
*No stallions in youth or amateur classes*
*Start Time 10:00 am*
Halter Classes
1. HD Stallions & Geldings 3 & Under: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
2. HD Stallions & Geldings 4 & Older: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
3. HD Mare 3 & Under: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
4. HD Mare 4 & Older: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
5. Champion/Reserve Champion HD Halter Horse (1st and 2nd place winners of classes 2-5)
*Ribbon Only*
6. LD Stallions & Geldings: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
7. LD Mares: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
8. Champion/Reserve Champion LD Halter Horse (1st and 2nd place winners of classes 7 and 8)
*Ribbon Only*
9. Open Youth Showmanship 13 & Under: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
10. Open Youth Showmanship 14-18: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
11. Champion Youth Showmanship (1st and 2nd place winners of classes 10 and 11)*Ribbon Only*
*30 Minute Break*
Hitch Classes
(See Rule 12 for OPEN driving classes)
12. Team Hitch: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
13. Open Pleasure Driving: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
14. Open Mare Cart: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
15. Open Gelding/Stallion Cart: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
16. HD Ladies Show Car1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4t:
17. LD Cart1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4:
18.HD Mens Show Cart1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4:
19. Open Senior Cart (age 50 & up) 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4:
20. Junior Cart (18 & under with adult): 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
21. Open Amateur Driving (any age and has never won a blue ribbon in a driving class; no passing)*Ribbon Only*
*Lunch Break 1 ½ Hour*
22. Open discipline Walk Only class ages 10 & under (parents encouraged to walk/lead with child)
English Under Saddle Classes
23. Adult Show Type W/T 19 & Older: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
24. Youth W/T 18 & Under: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
25a. Amateur English W/T (any age and rider has never won a blue ribbon in an English class) *Ribbon Only*
b. Light Draft English W/T (same rules apply as amateur; no points class)
26. Adult Pleasure W/T 19 & Older: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
27. Open W/T/C: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
*30 Minute Tack Change Break*
Western Under Saddle Classes
28. Adult Show Type W/T 19 & Older: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
29. Youth W/T 18 & Under: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
30a. Amateur Western W/T (any age and rider has never won a blue ribbon in a Western class)
b. Light Draft Western W/T (same rules apply as amateur; no points class)
31. Adult Pleasure W/T 19 & Older: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
32. Open W/T/C: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
*Ribbon Only*