-Modals Would/Will -Cognates and false friends -Countable and countable nouns and situations of use -Academic vocab up to the third week


1. Look for resources to understand the academic terms in the following list. Consulting online Thesaurus and is highly recommended. Beware, some of these may crop up as cognates and false friends, so make sure you fully understand their meanings. Good strategies include finding synonyms,

antonyms, analogies and different examples.

Argument Arrange Articulate Assemble Assert Assess Associate (Verb and noun) Assume Assumption Background Brainstorm Brief Calculate Caption Category Cause Character Characteristic Characterize Chart Chronology Citation Cite Claim Clarify Clue Coherent Common Compile Complement Compliment Conceive Concise Conclude Conduct (Verb and noun) Consider 2. Choose the correct option that best fits the given situation: Consistent Consistently Correspond Credibly Credit Criterion/Criteria Critique Crucial Cumulative Debate Deduce Defend Define Demand Demonstrate Depict Derive A. Mr. Dawson has been a ____________ client to our business. That is why we are naming the new dish after him a) Concerned b) Consistent c) Condescending d) Patronizing

B. ____________ is to provoke , as remember is to evoke. a) Cause b) Affect c) Deduce d) None of the above C. Provide a synonym for the following terms -Conclude: -Assume: -Assess: -Arrange: -Defend: D. Provide an antonym and a synonym for the following terms -Brief: -Calculate: -Compliment: -Crucial: -Credible: -Articulate: -Concise: E. The paper was very _____________. That was not a single idea that was not clear and enough. a) Conceivable b) Agreeable c) Concise d) Brief F. Brian is very shy. He can be really ______________ around his friends, but he cannot face audiences. a) Articulate b) Critical c) Annoying d) Inarticulate G. I haven’t gotten an ____________ of what you are talking about! a) Intention b) Idea c) Action d) Agreement H. Degas ____________ iconic images that reflected the extraordinary beauty of everyday life during his time a) Told b) Painted

c) Depicted d) Coined


Write a C for cognate, FF for false friend, or both next to each pair of words accordingly: 1- Soap – Sopa: 2- Realization – Realización: 3- Consume – Consumo: 4- Contender – Contendor: 5- Terrible – Terrible: 6- Terrific – Terrífico: 7- Relevant – Relevante: 8- Important – Importante: 9- Intentional – Intencional: 10- Probe – Probar: 11- Current – Corriente: 12- Actually – Actualmente: 13- Really – Realment: 14- Modern – Moderno: 15- Carpet – Carpeta: 16- Sensible – Sensible: 17- Miserable – Miserable: 18- Target – Tarjeta: 19- Idiom – Idioma: 20- Resume – Resumen:

MODALS WILL AND WOULD Read the following guide before proceeding with the exercises

If possible, complete these sentences with will/won’t or would/wouldn’t followed by one of these verbs Come – decide – eat – help – invite – keep - remember 1.




Amy works really hard. Every afternoon she _____________ home from school at 4.15 and do an hour piano practice. Richard phoned yesterday and _____________ me out for dinner. When Dominic was young he _____________ any green vegetables The creaking noises in the old house _____________ me awake until I got used to them. If necessary, correct the sentences using would or used to 1.



I would enjoy studying Algebra when I was in high school. Orwell would spend winters in Spain and summers in England 4.

We would live in a beach house on the south coast, and then we moved to an apartment in Panama City. You used to study at Virrey Solis School, didn’t you?


Explain the possible scenarios for the following statements: Are there some doctors in the Emergency room? Are there any doctors in the Emergency room? Are there (0) doctors in the Emergency room? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Determine if the following are situations likely to happen and explain why: 1. There are some milks I don’t like: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. We didn’t saved some moneys in the bank _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Colin dropped the weighs after exercising _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________